Monday, December 29, 2014

DIY Laundry Sign

Happy Holidays Everyone!

This year 14 of our family members and friends spent Christmas in Cuba! I do have to say I think Cuban beaches must be some of the most beautiful in the world and am SO happy we got to spend our week there. I miss the beach already! 

Here is a picture of how Santa came to Cuba! Check out that crystal clear water... sigh!!!

Sadly once the vacation is over, reality always sets in and loads of laundry need to be done. Not sure about you all but every article of clothing I pack needs to be washed (even if unworn) especially when coming from a humid climate. So for the last few days I have been tackling my least favorite chore, LAUNDRY!

Here is an iphone pic of what my laundry room looks like today :( 
And there is still more to fold in the dryer!

So lets get to the reason for today's post!!! 

Over the last few months I have been tackling various parts of my house by painting, cleaning, purging and even redecorating. Today I want to share with you the sign I made for my Laundry Room/Mud Room. Honestly I think the Laundry Room is my least favorite room in the house. Mostly because doing it is my least favorite thing to do! So I thought maybe if I prettied it up, I might enjoy the time I spend in there, well maybe a little!

Having seen various laundry signs all over Pinterest, I thought I could make my own... of course I did! Isn't that what everyone that looks on Pinterest does? LOL!  Well I am SO happy with the results! I took ideas from various signs and combined them to make my own! Well what do you think? SO true, right!?!

I used the PVPP technique to create this sign. For those that don't know what that means it's Paint, Vinyl, Paint, and Peel. Lots of tutorials on line for those of you interested. Basically I painted white a 12x24 wood board (bought at Micheal's). Cut out my Vinyl using the Silhouette Cameo, and transferred it to my board. Then, once the letters were all down I painted with the black all over the entire board. Once the paint dried, I peeled off the vinyl to reveal the white letters. I then took sandpaper and lightly sanded the edges and the top to distress it. Voila, that easy! 

The whole process took less then 30 min to make! To speed the drying time I used a blow dryer... hey what can I say, sometimes I can be a little impatient! 

TIP: If you want to avoid the bleeding of the letters, once you apply the vinyl add another white coat first, this will seal the edges around the letters. Then add the black coat. I didn't really want perfect letters as I wanted it to look more vintage and distressed!

 For all those interested in creating one for yourselves I am giving away the .studio file that I created to make the sign for FREE! Maybe it will help you enjoy the laundry room a little more as well! Enjoy!!!

Before you download...

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Laundry Sign

If you would like to donate, (click the đŸ‘‰DONATE button on the sidebar) I will happily accept any amount you see fit. No pressure at all either :) It will just make my day that someone wants to support my passion.

Click HERE to see the Laundry Bins I made earlier this year! I like when my laundry room looks this clean. Hopefully by tomorrow it will again ;)

Well this will be my last post for 2014, so I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!! Here is to an amazing 2015!!! Cheers!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Festive Christmas Tablescape | SVG Cuts

Hey everyone, have you been checking out the Christmas celebrations going on over at SVG Cuts? Join the party each day this week to see our Design Teams' creations! You are going to love them all! SVG Cuts is also doing the 12 Days of Christmas right now! Lots of prizes and giveaways going on, so don't forget to check that out too! Stay tuned as well, the next SVG Kit is FREE for all the SVG Cuts fans! Keep your eyes peeled!!!

Today I want to share with you my Festive Christmas Tablescape, SVG Cuts style! Your guests will flip when they realize all the paper touches you put into your table decor!

SVG Cuts DT Project,#SVGCuts,Silhouette Cameo,Christmas Decorating,centerpiece,Christmas table,Festive Christmas Tablescape,ilovedoingallthingscrafty,

For all of you interested in the exact details and how-to's for this project, visit the inspiration page and I'll walk you through each piece step by step. And, for those of you interested in winning all of these kits listed below, make sure you leave a "comment" and "like" on the SVG Cuts Facebook Fan Page where they shared this project! HURRY, it's for a limited time only! Good luck, just look at all the kits that could be yours!!!

Let's start with the table centerpiece. 
Who would have guessed that a witch's hat could turn into a tree?

And how cute is that little angel topper?

Check out this cutlery stocking!!!
I think this is my favorite piece. No mixing up whose fork is who's anymore!

And to add a pop of color to my boring white plates, I sandwiched in between them a very large snowflake!

These snowflake coasters are both functional and decorative! Keep your guest's glasses from getting mixed up by having them sign their name to the coaster or you can label them ahead of time so your guest knows exactly where to sit!

Hope this has inspired you to add some paper to your table this year :)

Thanks for stopping by, and if I don't post again before Christmas, I just want to wish you all the best this holiday season, and Thank You for following along with me on my crafty journey!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Portuguese Christmas Ornaments

This past weekend the Portuguese School that my kids attend celebrated their Annual Christmas Concert. This year they also had their very first silent auction. I thought I could contribute by donating some of my Portuguese themed floating ornaments.

Here are a few of my favorites!

Eu te Amo means I love you in Portuguese!

I LOVE this one... it has to be my favorite, probably because it is SO true! Good thing I kept this one for myself because I just noticed that some of the letters went on a little crooked, oops!

 This one was inspired by my daughter, who sometimes thinks she's a princess, lol!
Love it!

To watch a how to video, I found one similar to the process I did mine for those of you that are interested in how to make your own. They are actually easier than you think!

There is still plenty of time to make a few before Christmas!!! All you need is vinyl, transparency sheets, transfer tape and glass or plastic ornaments and of course a Silhouette Machine!

For those of you interested here are the Silhouette Studio Files FREE for Download!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Perpetual Paper Christmas Block Calendar | SVGCuts

Can you believe Christmas is almost here!?! WOW, how time just flies so quickly!

Today I want to share with you my latest SVG Cuts DT project, it's a perpetual Christmas Block Calendar! I have been wanting to create one of these for the longest time and so I finally did it using all different kinds of files from SVG Cuts. For the complete how-to's click HERE and check out the SVG Cuts Inspiration Page.

Christmas Gift,3D,SVG Cuts DT Project,#SVGCuts,Silhouette Cameo,Countdown Calender,decoration,Christmas Block Calender,ilovedoingallthingscrafty,
For those of you interested in winning all of these kits listed below, make sure you leave a "comment" and "like" on the SVG Cuts Facebook Fan Page where they shared this project! HURRY, it's for a limited time only! Good luck, that's a lot of kits!!!

 The calendar part is actually quite simple to make... if you can assemble boxes you can make this piece. Once Christmas is done you can put the tree and presents away and use it for the rest of the year! Make other little miniature decorations for upcoming holidays, have fun, and be creative!

Hope you guys liked my take on a perpetual Block Calendar, if you make one please share it with us on the SVG Cuts Fan Page. We always love seeing the fan's different take on projects!

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Monday, December 8, 2014

3D Christmas Tree Luminary | SVGCuts

Have you seen the latest SVGCuts kit Santa's Surprises? So many super cute paper boxes in this kit, perfect for gift giving this year... trust me, you'll just have to check it out!

Today I'm going to share with you the 3D tree from this kit... Ok, 3 of them! How cute are they? They have plenty of room for some treats and then they can be lit up and used as a decoration!

Gift,#SVGCuts,SVG Cuts file,Chritmas decorations,box,3D Christmas Tree Luminary,vintage tree,ilovedoingallthingscrafty,

I enlarged the star files a little and added some score lines to create a 3D look to the star. Really love that look!

Here they are all lit up! SO cool!
Absolutely love how they all turned out!

Hope this has inspired you to make your own 3D Christmas Tree Luminary!

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

3D Paper Snowy House Treat Box | SVGCuts

I finally got around to making the 3D Snowy house box from Winter's Chill SVG Kit, and I absolutely love how it turned out! How cute is that!?! I've had this file in my SVG stash forever, and I can't believe it took me this long to make it!!!

Christmas Gift,SVG Cuts files,treat box,#SVGCuts,Gift Box,luminary,decoration,Christmas Decor,3D Snowy House Box,ilovedoingallthingscrafty,

This little house is a gift in itself but it's also big enough to add some gifts or goodies. Add a tea light to the inside and watch it glow! Make a few more and you have the beginnings of a paper Christmas village!

To add a more Christmasy look to it, I added a wreathe to the front of the house from the latest Santa's Surprises SVG Kit and shrunk it down quite a bit. I love how festive the house looks!

Hope you like my take on this SVG Cuts 3D Snowy House Box, hopefully, will have some time to tackle the Mistletoe Manor soon!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fallin' Pumpkins 3D Paper Centerpiece | SVG Cuts

Even though it feels like Winter, it still is technically Fall! I know it's hard to believe especially if you're from my side of the world, lol! So here is one more Fall themed project I have to share with you guys :)

Regardless of what the weather is like outside, I am excited to share with you my latest SVG Cuts Design Team post! Here is my Fallin' Pumpkin Centerpiece! Probably one of the tallest creations I have made to date!

Gift,3D,treat box,Autumn,SVG Cuts DT Project,#SVGCuts,Silhouette Cameo,SVG Cuts file,Fallin' Pumpkins Centerpiece,decoration,ilovedoingallthingscrafty,

For all those interested on the SVG Cuts kits I used, here lengthy list below!

Here are a few more close-ups... top view...

flower view,

and a back view...

Here is what it looks like without the bottom container, still gorgeous! I so love the Fall and its gorgeous colors!

I have had this centerpiece on display on one of the Units at the Cross Cancer Hospital where I work! I love how something as simple as paper can become art and brighten up space, maybe even make someone smile!

Hope you have enjoyed my Fallin' Pumpkins as much as I enjoyed creating them :)

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