Friday, June 29, 2012

My Cake page!

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of their holiday weekend!

Today I just wanted to let you guys know I just created a cake page on my blog to feature cakes that I have made in the past and a place where I will post new cakes! Hope you all can check it out! You can also see them in my new Facebook page! 

Have a great long weekend! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY "Credit Card" Wallet

This one is for all the shoppers out there!!! I think your just going to love this idea! 
If you are anything like me you have a ton of cards taking up precious space in your already crowded wallet! NOT anymore!!!!

About about 2 years ago now I had an idea to make a credit card wallet after working on some pockets that I had created for a mini album. I actually sold them on Etsy, but since I closed the shop down I thought I would share the idea with everybody!

Here is my original card wallet... was getting pretty worn out! Even though it was made out of paper, I'm surprised it lasted this long! You would not believe how many compliments and inquires I've had on it!!! 

While I was shopping at Home Depot on the weekend with my DH, I saw decorative duct tape... I had seen it many times before but it wasn't until then that I had my light bulb moment!  Why not line my card stock with duct tape! Brilliant... It would now last forever! Or until I get sick of the pattern, lol!

So here is the how to make your own.... 

  • double sided tape
  • duct tape (I guess if your a guy you might like the regular kind, hehe)
  • envelopes (I bought mine at the dollar store, but you could probably use recycled ones) 
  • a piece of scrap card stock
  1. First I cut my envelope ends to 4.5 x 9.2 cm or for my US friends, 1 3/4 x 3 5/8 inches ( I used 25 pockets for this wallet)
  2. I then applied my double sided tape around the outer edges of the pocket (make sure to go as close to the top and bottom edge as possible, but not the sides... come in about 3mm or 1/8 of an inch from the outer edge)
  3. Line it up with the next pocket and adhere them together, ensure it is all lined up and that the opening of the pockets are in the same direction!

Repeat until all pockets are glued together.

Next take the scrap card stock, and cut it to 20 x 9.5 cm or 8 x 3 3/4 inches, then place the edge of the paper or the sticky side of the duct tape.

Next cut a little slit on the duct tape where the paper ends and fold the duct over on to itself. 

Then take that same piece of duct tape and adhere it to the paper. Bend over the edge of the duct tape that remains and this will create a nice clean outer edge...  (Confused yet??? I would be! lol! Hopefully the pics are self explanatory!) 

Repeat the last step for the other side.

Continue by cover the remaining paper down the middle (ensure you cut a piece long enough to cover the other side as well)

Next glue the pockets to the inside bottom of duct tape layer, making sure to align the top edges.

Then wrap the duct layer all the way around the pockets until it overlaps on the front of the wallet leave enough room for the wallet to expand and for the credit cards to stick out at the top. Then adhere the back of the pockets to the inside of the duct tape layer.

To secure it closed I used a Velcro dot. Easiest way to ensure that the dots line up is to take both top and bottom pieces of Velcro and center it on the inner lid of the wallet, then fold it closed.

Once you open it the dot will be left on the other side of the wallet! EASY right?!

Finally fill with all your plastic! (I use this for the cards I don't use everyday, the important ones are kept in my main wallet!)

There you go... just pull it out when you need to!

Fits perfectly in a side pocket of my purse ;)

Hope you like this tutorial and if you make one I would love to see it!

Happy crafting!

February 10, 2017
Check out VERSION 3 of the DIY Credit/Loyalty Card Duct Tape Wallet
or watch me make it on You Tube!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Facebook page is live!

Hi all! Hope everybody is having a wonderful weekend! 

I'm so excited to share with you, my new Facebook page! Just another way to connect with all my craft blogging buddies and followers! 

Just click on the side button that says Facebook (kinda hard to miss!) and "LIKE" my page! Easy right?

Before I shared it with the world, I wanted to add a bunch of projects to the page. So, I loaded it up with pictures of previous work I had done prior to having a blog and more recent post ones. Hope you "LIKE" my page, and visit me often...  here on my blog, or there with me on Facebook! Leave me a comment or just say HI!... Sometime I just need to know I'm not just talking to myself, lol!

Have a great Sunday!

Friday, June 22, 2012

DIY Glass Etched Mugs

In my previous post I had shown you the gifts I made for the teachers. So I thought I would share with you some pictures of how that was done. Also please refer to my posts on other etched glass projects I have done, here and here.

First I cut out the image I wanted from contact paper, with the Cameo. No need to use up expensive vinyl especially if its going to get thrown out!

Then I applied etching cream very liberally to the exposed areas with a paint brush. Then just followed the directions on the Armour Etch bottle. Removed the contact paper and rinsed off the cream. 

There you have it sooooo simple and pretty quick to make! The perfect gift for a teacher or for yourself, just add your name or whatever else you like!

 Happy crafting, have a great weekend!

Teacher's gifts!!!

Yeaaaaah! School is almost done!!! My kids are so excited for summer holidays to begin... they have started the countdown a while ago, LOL! 

My son is even more excited he gets to miss the last week of school... even though they are the fun school days, he really doesn't care! He leaves tonight with my In laws for Portugal! He is so excited, I'm sure going to miss my little man :'( Well join them there in August!

So because today was his last day of school I wanted him to give his teacher a little gift to thank her for all her help this year... (I think teachers have the hardest job! They deserve so much more!!!) Of course I made the same gift for my daughter's teacher, but she won't receive it until next week! Hopefully Mrs. Stiksma doesn't show Mrs. Esser, LOL!

 Aren't the School Houses adorable!!! The cutest part is that they are totally functional, flip open the roof and they are gift boxes! Fill they up with goodies and they could also be used as book ends :)  What teacher would love them? 

The files I used come from SVG Cuts SCHOOL DAYS SVG KITLOVE their files!!! (I did have to enlarge the files to accommodate the size of my gifts) The cardstock comes from DCWV, the Grade School Stack, all cut with the Cameo.

Used the apple file to make a tag!

And here is what goes inside the gift box! Love personalized gifts... just makes it that more special! Thank you Mrs. Esser! Maia is sure going to miss you!!!

Thank you Mrs. Stiksma! Tomas adores you and will miss you very much!

Etched the bottom of the glass with the kids names :)

A perfect fit inside the School House gift box! Add tissue paper and perhaps a coffee gift card and DONE!

I'll post some pics of how I etched the glass mugs in my next post!

Thanks for stopping by, 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Blog Button!!!

Yippeeee!!!! I've got a button!!! Yaaaaaay! I'm so proud of myself...  a year ago I couldn't do half of this stuff, I always feel like I'm so "computer challenged" and way behind everyone else! I've also made a few other changes, thanks so much to my hubby for all his help!

I've been meaning to do this for a while, but wasn't exactly sure of what to do, or a creative way to do it... So here it is! What do you think? You likey??? I really like how it turned out :)

Some of you have asked why my blog title has brackets... Pretty simple really. I wanted to somehow incorporate my name into it. The letters in the brackets spell out my name! Cute right, OK maybe not for you... I thought it was clever, lol!

Ilda isn't a very common name, and growing up I really didn't like it because it was so different... at least here in Canada! Now I love that it is so unique, even though half the people I meet can't pronounce it! The way people seem to remember it best is when I say "it's like Hilda without the H!" Funny in Portugal there is thousands of us!!!

Once again thanks for stopping by and if you would like grab my button, I love to share!!!

Have a wonderful week :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Our Family Tree Art

For a while now, well I guess ever since I started the blog I've been wanting to share one of the first crafts I made using my Cricut! It hangs as a piece of art in our hallway, it is such a unique piece. I always love to stop and stare at it!

For those that don't know I am of Portuguese decent. My parents immigrated to Canada from Portugal when I was 2 in 1978. My husbands family is also Portuguese, so for my children I thought I would be interesting to create this so that they could see their roots.

I guess this project was many years in the making,  every time we had gone back to visit our grandparents I would gather more data for the family tree.  So here is how it turned out!  (I did not include any siblings, because as you can imagine there would not be enough room on the canvas!) 


Since I made this piece a while ago and had no blog at the time, I didn't take pictures of the steps it took to make this. I will try my best to explain what I did though. 

The first thing I did was paint my canvas, this one measures 32X24. I really wanted a washed out antique look, so I sprayed water all over the canvas and applied my acrylic paints to it. Light blue for the sky and a light brown for the ground. Once I had both the colors on the canvas I blended the two colors where they met in the middle to create the horizon.

Next came the fun stuff! I found the image of this tree on Google (sorry don't remember exactly where). I then traced the image with the SCAL program. Then I enlarged it to the size I wanted. Since the canvas was way larger then the cutting mat, the tree was made by cutting 4 pieces and overlapping them some areas. I adhered all the pieces of the tree to the canvas using hot glue. Once my tree was all assembled and glued down I cut out the leaves. The leaves I created from the basic shapes library. When I glued down my leaves I strategically placed them to cover up the paper joints of the tree. 

Next part was the hardest... Since both sides of our families have the name "Oliveira", I wanted to make the tree look like an olive tree since Oliveira means olive in English. So I thought it would look cute if the frame of the picture looked like an olive, well kinda, sort of maybe not really!! ;) 

To do this I cut out two ovals, one larger then the other. In SCAL I  created a template for the top part of the frame which turned out to be 5 olives/line and 4 rows of them for a total  of 20 frames per sheet. Then in using Microsoft Word I did my best to place the names at the bottom of the frames. (Took a few tries to line it all up... I would place the template on top of the sheet I printed to make sure it all lined up.) Once everything was in line I cut out the paper I had just printed on.... 

***This would of all just been so much easier if the Cameo had been invented...  I guess I was just ahead of  my time, LOL! ;)***

Once all the frames were cut out, I glued the top of the olive to the bottom brown oval. I only applied glue to the bottom part of the olive frame. 

This left the top part accessible to change pictures... especially of the kids as they get older, I can stay this age for a while, cause I never age! Muhahaaa!!!

For those family members that I had no picture for I just used a silhouette. The gentleman with thick sideburns would be my Great, Great, Grand Father, and my Great, Great, Grand Mother just below him. So cool that I had found a picture of them! 

Hope the instructions weren't too confusing for you...
Hope I've inspired you to create your own Family Tree Art! I would love to see it if you did make one!

Have a great weekend & Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's in your lives!

Sharing this project with Scrap it Girls - November "Tree" Challenge

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cheeseburger for Dad

While I was working on my last entry for the Father's Day SVG Cut's Facebook Challenge, I had another idea that I thought would make a cute gift for my husband from the kids. He loves cheese burgers so I thought I could make him a gift box using SVG Cut files. 

 Here's how it turned out... doesn't it look yummy!

Here is the cheeseburger recipe.... all cooked up with my Cameo, lol!

 I used the cupcake top and  the top tier from the cake box to make my hamburger patty and the bottom of the bun. 

I made my cheese layers, using the top of the graduation cap.

From the MY DAY WITH DAD SVG KIT I made the banner.

The bacon strips are a freebie file on the SVG Cuts blog, and the sesame seeds were made in the Silhouette Studio DE program. WOW! That's a lot of ingredients!!! Oh yes, to make it taste and look even better I used green ribbon to make some lettuce and hot glued it to the top of the bun. I also inked some edges and embossed a few things, et voila... Dad's cheeseburger!

I love that it's functional too! It has enough room for some treats and maybe even some love notes from the kids!

You could also make this cheeseburger with two gift compartments by turning the bottom bun into a box aswell!

I always love to show you the scale... pretty realistic, almost good enough to eat!

Hope you like this project, I know my husband will love this! 

Happy crafting!
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