Friday, April 27, 2012

Birthday Book/Card

TGIF! It's been one of those weeks! Starting off with loosing pictures on my blog... can you tell I'm still a little bitter about that. Apparently that has happened to a lot of other bloggers out there. Oh well, time to move on! Hopefully next week will be a better week :)

So this weekend my kids have 3 birthday parties to attend! Yup, busy birthday weekend... so I thought I would share with you a little gift I made for each of the kids. I got the idea from one of my favourite bloggers Thienly Azim from her blog modpaperie, if you have not visited her yet...YOU MUST! She will inspire your socks off  :) She made a birthday book, I loved that idea. A place where you can keep all your memories of the day.

I didn't feel like going out and buying birthday themed paper so I thought I would just make my own pages using the print and cut features of the Silhouette, and use papers I already owned. For my books I thought I would would make a little box on the back to place some cards or even some of the birthday pictures. So here is my take on the birthday book, well 3 of them...

I used graphics from Lettering Delights Scribble Kids Alphabet, Banner Day Alphabet and the Sweet Birthday SVG  kits. This is what the front covers look like.

Here is what the book looks like when the book is opened up,

even a spot for the birthday girls picture.

Here is a boy's version.

A place for pictures, cards, whatever they like!

Here is a pic of a tag that I put on the back of all my crafts!

The box was just made on a score board, didn't use a cutter.

The box measured 4.5" X 6.5" X 0.5" 

Folded down the top edge and glued it. Then glued down all the rest of the edges to form a box.

Here is what it looked like all put together.

For the fan part of the book, I used the same measurements and then just glued the two sheets together. Once I had finished embellishing the pages I just adhered the last page to the box. Added some ribbon to tie it up and keep it all together. Hope the kiddos like them! I know my son already has put a request in for one!!!  Well better get busy!

Thanks for visting!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

"Don't fix it, if it ain't broken!" Blogging Frustrations!

OMG! is all I can say!!! I almost had a melt down today, blaahhhh!!!!!!

If you visited my blog earlier today and wondered what was going on, let me explain....

So this morning when I logged into blogger, I had a prompt to try Google+... so I thought "yah, why not, seems like a lot of bloggers are starting to use it". Well my day went down hill from that point. It seemed quite simple at first, Google+ even said if I wasn't happy with the lay out I could revert back to Blogger within 30 days of switching. Great i thought!

I then logged out of Google+ and opened up my blog. Initially everything looked OK. Until I looked at some previous posts. I could have cried! All the pictures from the previous months posts had been deleted! Nothing I did brought them back... I was in shock! I couldn't believe what I had done... 

Well, lesson learned... Like the saying goes "don't fix it, if it ain't broken!" Instead of doing some gardening and enjoying the beautiful Spring weather, I had to replace all the images I'd lost. Another lesson I learned, was how important it is to organize your pictures. I think if my pictures had been better organized, it wouldn't of taken me all afternoon to correct my problem :(  I also had to re pin all my Pins from Pinterest, I'm so, so  sorry if this messed up anyone's pins, I'm hoping I corrected them properly!

Hopefully my week gets better from here!
Ilda  ;(

Banff/Personalized Water Bottles

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend... I sure did :)

This weekend we escaped to the beautiful mountains of Banff  National Park, with some friends of ours. For those of you who love to ski or enjoy the great outdoors this is the perfect place for you to visit. Since the weather is getting better, the timing couldn't of been more perfect.

Here are a few pics from our trip...

Our little family!

Maia, Tomas and Annabella :)

Awwww! Love this pic ;)

And here are the water bottles I personalized for my kids to take on our trip... no more wondering/fighting about whose water bottle is whose! They already had enough to argue about in a 4 hour road trip :(

Here is a link on how I personalized the bottles, but on a tumbler cup.

Happy crafting everyone!
Ilda :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Automatic Soap Dispenser Hack!

As well as loving to craft, I also love to save money. I wouldn't call myself an extreme couponer, but if I have a coupon for an item and I need it, I will use it...Why not? I think it's silly if you don't!

So today I will share with you one of my saving tips! Over this last year I have purchased a couple of the automatic Lysol soap dispensers. (Actually they were purchased and then I received my money back when I sent back the company the receipt and the mail in rebate, so they were actually free!!!) They are great for little kids... just place your hand underneath, and out comes just enough soap!

One of the dispensers was empty, so instead of buying a refill for $4.99 (250ml container), I bought a liquid hand soap at Costco for $9.99 (3.78L). That means I can fill up the existing container 15 times for $9.99, instead of spending $75+... here's how I did it :)

Buy your favourite hand soap. 

Remove the lid. I used a butter knife to carefully pop off the lid, it does not twist off! 

Don't worry too much if the lid cracks a little where your knife was, as long as the center is intact you're still OK!

Wash out the container and the lid.


Push the lid back into place, you will hear a click!

Place it back into the dispenser. Super quick, super easy! 
(took me longer to do the post, lol!)

Happy savings everyone!
Ilda :)

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Monday, April 16, 2012

3D Paper Tea Pot

Happy Monday!

Seems like its been a while since I last posted! Even though I haven't posted any projects, I have still been busy crafting! Just not enough time to post them :(

But, I wanted to make sure I made time to share a quick project that I worked on last night for a very good friend of mine. It's my friend Elaine's birthday today! Not only is she a wonderful nurse, she is also one of the kindest, sweetest and funniest persons I know! She always makes me laugh :) If she knows I'm working, she makes a point of finding me and leaves me a note or a treat! So I thought I would leave her a treat on her desk today. Since I know she always takes the day of her birthday off,  I thought I would leave her this little surprise! (I'm hoping she won't check my blog tonight!) 

A few years ago Elaine invited me go go back home with her to Hong Kong, well circumstances changed for her and she was no longer able to go... but since my husband and I had already planned on going we took advantage of the trip and toured China as well as Hong Kong. It was an amazing trip and one I won't ever forget! During the China portion of our trip I ended up buying a lot of tea, at a tea house we visited.When Elaine found out how much I payed for this tea she laughed so hard, apparently I could buy the same stuff here in China town for a fraction of the price I payed! Oh well, it was still great tea! So I thought since she loves tea, a tea pot would be fitting :)

This 3D teapot file comes from the Silhouette online store. I also made this cute little tag with a frame file that comes with the Silhouette Designer Studio Edition. 

Here's me holding it up to show it's scale. 

I placed a few tea bags inside and a note! Hope she enjoys her next coffee break, with some of my tea... Happy Birthday Elaine ;) 

Have a great week!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I've been featured!


I have some exciting news to share! The Storm Trooper Containers I had made for my sons party were featured on a blog I follow, Newlyweds on a Budget! Make sure you check out their blog and the blogs of the other talented crafters out there that link to the party!

Hope to have more crafts up soon!

Happy crafting!
Ilda :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Star Wars Birthday Party Wrap Up

Wow!!! What busy a weekend! My Son celebrated his "Royal" birthday this year. He turned 8 years old on the 8th of April... and to make it even more special it happened to fall on Easter Sunday this year, what a lucky boy! So this year he wanted a Star Wars themed party. My son and husband both had to help me a lot... I know the main characters and that's about it! Good thing there is a lot out there on the subject :)

Here is my little Jedi... or shall I say my little Padawan  (I learned a thing or two, lol!) Youngling (corrected by husband).

I made him his own Jedi shirt, click here for how to make your own personalized shirt. All of his little friends got a Jedi robe as well! Super easy no sew, simply tear some brown fabric the width of the child and then make another tear in the middle a little over half way up the cloth (that's where the neckline will be). Then just tear a thin piece for the belt. Pull off the excess string and there you have a 2 minute Jedi robe... remember it doesn't have to be perfect they are probably never going to wear them again!) 

Here is the desert table and treat table... so many goodies! Use what you have to decorate... when the Star Wars bobble heads came out last year at Mc Donald's my son just had to have them. I'm not sure if he just wants a Happy Meal for the food or just the toy... probably the TOY! Well since we had them I put them to use. The tag on the goody bags say" Thanks for coming... may the force be with you!" Click here on how I made the back drop. To see how I made the Clone trash containers click here. For the light sabers click here.

The table....

I set up the tables so that everybody could see each other by pushing two tables together. A little crowded but it worked! With 17 kids....yup 17! I wanted to be prepared, so I had made place cards with their names on them so they knew exactly where to sit. There was no arguing about who sat by who ;) Here is a closer look at the table, on the bench was their Jedi robes!

For food, I kept it really simple... A veggie platter "Veggie Vaders", a meat and cheese platter "Darth Platter", hot dogs were "Sabre Dogs" and of course "Yoda Soda" I need to give Tomas some credit for coming up with the food names!

Here is what I got the parents to fill out when they dropped off their children... just in case! Thankfully no one need to be called :)

Party Time!!!

After everybody had finished eating we started off by pinning the sabre on Yoda. 

Then we did some Jedi training. We divided up in two teams, the Yellow and the Red Sabres. They then raced the Jedi obstacle course... the team with the quickest time won. 

They then battled... the battle was between one yellow and on red team member. With their sabres the had to keep a balloon up in the air, the last player to touch the balloon before it fell on the floor lost, giving the other team a point. 

Next up was musical chairs with the Star War themed music.

Since it was Easter weekend, I had to do some Easter crafting. The kids each dyed a Star Wars themed wrapped egg. They also did and Easter egg hunt. A few of the eggs contained a blue chip which they could turn in for a prize!

Finally, it was time for the Darth Vader Pinata. They were so excited when the treats came falling down!

For every game there was always a winner, but at the end of the games I made sure that those that didn't win still got to pick something out of the prize box... I think they all were pretty happy! I know my son was, especially after all the new Star War toys he got for his birthday!

Hope you liked a few of my ideas on throwing your own Star Wars party.

Happy planning and happy crafting!
Ilda :)