Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Portuguese Christmas Ornaments

This past weekend the Portuguese School that my kids attend celebrated their Annual Christmas Concert. This year they also had their very first silent auction. I thought I could contribute by donating some of my Portuguese themed floating ornaments.

Here are a few of my favorites!

Eu te Amo means I love you in Portuguese!

I LOVE this one... it has to be my favorite, probably because it is SO true! Good thing I kept this one for myself because I just noticed that some of the letters went on a little crooked, oops!

 This one was inspired by my daughter, who sometimes thinks she's a princess, lol!
Love it!

To watch a how to video, I found one similar to the process I did mine for those of you that are interested in how to make your own. They are actually easier than you think!

There is still plenty of time to make a few before Christmas!!! All you need is vinyl, transparency sheets, transfer tape and glass or plastic ornaments and of course a Silhouette Machine!

For those of you interested here are the Silhouette Studio Files FREE for Download!

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Happy Crafting  :)


  1. These ornaments are lovely! I had seen a tutorial on how to make them a year or 2 ago, but do you think I have made them yet?? No! LOL!

    1. Thanks Beth! I had seen this a long time ago too, but I finally made some! You should definitely try them out too, super easy!

  2. Olá Ilda! Belas inspirações! O meu favorito é mesmo o segundo :)
    Desejo que tenha junto da família um Santo Natal! Que não falte o Amor, a Saúde e o bolo rei claro!
    Beijinhos de Lisboa-Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

    1. Olá Ana! Tão bom receber um dos teus comentários! Também gostaria de te desejar um Feliz Natal, com muito amor e alegria! Bjs

  3. i LOVE THESE! Once upon a time you had posted the files for these somewhere & I d/l them I do not have the I'm Portuguese I can't be calm one but i think it didn't work so I deleted it as I recall but the others were fine. Now today I am trying to do the Portuguese Princess for a lovely young lady I know and I can't get the file to open. Can you please tell me where these files are/where or send to me again? PLEASE!? Thanking you in advance.


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