Thursday, November 26, 2015

SVG Cuts Mistletoe Manor | 3D Paper Christmas House | SVGCuts

Hello, my crafty Friends!

Today I have probably one of my largest projects to share with you! I'm so pleased with how it turned out, hopefully, the recipient will love it just as much! 

This house comes from SVG Cuts Mistletoe Manor SVG Kit, but of course, I had to add my own touches to it! I do have to give Thienly Azim lots of credit for my inspiration as well, as I have incorporated touches of her Home For Christmas project. (One of my all-time favorite SVG Cuts DT projects from her, if you haven't seen it it's definitely worth checking out!)

Well, what do you think? Isn't she a beauty!?
So realistic looking... I can't believe it's made out of paper!

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For those of you interested here are all the SVG Cuts kits I used:
(yup, there were lots!)

House - Mistletoe Manor SVG Kit
Patio Greens - Clara’s Christmas Strips SVG Collection
 Fence - For My Valentine SVG Kit
 Chimney - December Gifts SVG Kit
Porch Greens - 3D Wintergreens
Bows - SVG File 3D Bow 2/25/12
Silhouette Trees - Forest County SVG Collection

Some other alterations I made to the house was to create little holes in the roofline to poke my Christmas lights through. I also added siding panels to my copula, to match the middle floor siding. 

I wanted to create some realistic-looking icicles. Creating them was super simple!
Using a glue gun, simply apply the glue to a craft mat in a straight line as long as you need it. Then go back and attached the glue icicles to the line. If you don't have a craft mat you can also use parchment paper (any nonstick surface will work). Wait for the glue to dry completely and attach it to your project!

I also wanted to add some realistic-looking snow. I used Snow-tex from DecoArt, which I purchased at Micheal's. This stuff is awesome! It didn't seem to warp my paper at all, and was dry within a few hours!

For the little snowballs on the trees, I used Liquid Applique. This stuff is so much fun, it's almost magical. Goes on wet, but add your heat gun to it and watch it magically puff up!

One of my favorite touches is the Silhouette of a woman at the door. Looks like she is waving goodbye to someone!

Well, I guess that goes for me too!
Goodbye, everyone ;)
Hope you enjoyed and were inspired by my version of SVGCuts Mistletoe Manor!

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Happy Crafting  :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

80's Themed Cake + Bonus Timlapse Videos

Hey Everyone ;)

I have a sweet treat for you all today... Literally! 
I was asked by my BOSS a while ago to make an 80's themed Birthday Cake for her BIL's surprise 60th party. How could you say no to your boss, right? Well... she's lucky I really like her, plus she is also my friend and a great Nurse Manager!

So, check out my 80's themed cake. How RAD is that?! 

Wouldn't be the 80's without a Ghetto Blaster! 

Do you remember the rubix cube? I was never able to solve those suckers... I always cheated and pealed off the stickers when I got frustrated, lol!

And of course I had to use my Silhouette to add a little paper to the cake.
Love the look, plus it saved me tons of time from trying to cut out intricate shapes and letters out of fondant!

Oh, and what about Pac Man?
It must have been one of the first video games I had ever played as a little girl!

Well for those interested in what is actually inside the cake 
The rubix cube is made up of rice krispies treats 
Top layers- Vanilla & Chocolate flavored - baked in two 6 inch round pans
Bottom layer - Vanilla & Chocolate flavored - baked in a 10 inch round pans
Entire cake was frosted with vanilla butter cream icing and covered with fondant.

As a BONUS for those of you that want to see how I created the cake, I made a 2 part timelapse video to condense approximately 12 hours into a little over 12 minutes!

(Everybody always wants to know how I do it, so here you go! Enjoy!!!)

80's Cake - Part 1

80's Cake - Part 2

Hope you enjoyed my 80's Themed Cake today, even if you didn't get to eat it! 

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Happy Crafting  :)