Friday, April 6, 2012

DIY Star Wars Dessert Table Galaxy Backdrop for Star Wars Birthday Party

I plan on having a dessert table for my sons Star War themed party, but wanted to make some sort of back drop. So my initial thought was foam board and wrapping paper, easy enough I thought... but I had such a hard time finding wrapping paper that was space themed, then I thought fabric and still no luck (mind you I didn't go looking in every store). So I thought I would just make my own. I purchased all of my supplies at the Dollar Store (under $8!).  And here is what I did...

I used 3 foam poster boards.

Used packing tape to tape them to each other.

So instead of paper I used a plastic table cover.

I then wrapped it up like you would a present, making sure that the plastic was pulled taught and then secured it with tape.

So I also picked up some silver glitter glue and some foam rollers.

So to make it look "spacey" I thought I would just smear silver glitter glue all over.

Once I was done I placed in a sunny area to let it dry.

It's now ready... the perfect "spacey" looking back drop! I have glow in the dark wall stickers that I also bought to place on the board... you'll just have to come back for the dessert table reveal! 

Imagine the possibilities, how easy to make your own back drops.... paper, fabric or in this case plastic!

Hope you liked this idea!
Ilda :)

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