Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Star Wars Birthday Party Wrap Up

Wow!!! What busy a weekend! My Son celebrated his "Royal" birthday this year. He turned 8 years old on the 8th of April... and to make it even more special it happened to fall on Easter Sunday this year, what a lucky boy! So this year he wanted a Star Wars themed party. My son and husband both had to help me a lot... I know the main characters and that's about it! Good thing there is a lot out there on the subject :)

Here is my little Jedi... or shall I say my little Padawan  (I learned a thing or two, lol!) Youngling (corrected by husband).

I made him his own Jedi shirt, click here for how to make your own personalized shirt. All of his little friends got a Jedi robe as well! Super easy no sew, simply tear some brown fabric the width of the child and then make another tear in the middle a little over half way up the cloth (that's where the neckline will be). Then just tear a thin piece for the belt. Pull off the excess string and there you have a 2 minute Jedi robe... remember it doesn't have to be perfect they are probably never going to wear them again!) 

Here is the desert table and treat table... so many goodies! Use what you have to decorate... when the Star Wars bobble heads came out last year at Mc Donald's my son just had to have them. I'm not sure if he just wants a Happy Meal for the food or just the toy... probably the TOY! Well since we had them I put them to use. The tag on the goody bags say" Thanks for coming... may the force be with you!" Click here on how I made the back drop. To see how I made the Clone trash containers click here. For the light sabers click here.

The table....

I set up the tables so that everybody could see each other by pushing two tables together. A little crowded but it worked! With 17 kids....yup 17! I wanted to be prepared, so I had made place cards with their names on them so they knew exactly where to sit. There was no arguing about who sat by who ;) Here is a closer look at the table, on the bench was their Jedi robes!

For food, I kept it really simple... A veggie platter "Veggie Vaders", a meat and cheese platter "Darth Platter", hot dogs were "Sabre Dogs" and of course "Yoda Soda" I need to give Tomas some credit for coming up with the food names!

Here is what I got the parents to fill out when they dropped off their children... just in case! Thankfully no one need to be called :)

Party Time!!!

After everybody had finished eating we started off by pinning the sabre on Yoda. 

Then we did some Jedi training. We divided up in two teams, the Yellow and the Red Sabres. They then raced the Jedi obstacle course... the team with the quickest time won. 

They then battled... the battle was between one yellow and on red team member. With their sabres the had to keep a balloon up in the air, the last player to touch the balloon before it fell on the floor lost, giving the other team a point. 

Next up was musical chairs with the Star War themed music.

Since it was Easter weekend, I had to do some Easter crafting. The kids each dyed a Star Wars themed wrapped egg. They also did and Easter egg hunt. A few of the eggs contained a blue chip which they could turn in for a prize!

Finally, it was time for the Darth Vader Pinata. They were so excited when the treats came falling down!

For every game there was always a winner, but at the end of the games I made sure that those that didn't win still got to pick something out of the prize box... I think they all were pretty happy! I know my son was, especially after all the new Star War toys he got for his birthday!

Hope you liked a few of my ideas on throwing your own Star Wars party.

Happy planning and happy crafting!
Ilda :)


  1. Cute ideas - sounds like a good time was had by all!

  2. I like the idea of having parents fill the form out, just in case you need to get ahold of them. cute party though!! fun food names.


    1. Thanks Lauren! I've been the parent that was called back and wanted to make sure I had everyone's number handy!

  3. What a fun party!!!! I love all the decor! Some day I will be doing a party like this for my little guy! Thanks so much for sharing at Thursday's Temptation.


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