Friday, April 6, 2012

Star Wars Cup Cake Toppers for Star Wars Birthday Party

For the party I decided I would make some cupcakes. I thought about making cupcake wrappers with my Silhouette, but then I thought that might be too much work and use up a lot of paper. So then I decided on just making cup cake toppers. Jin Yong from Under a Cherry Tree has taught me pretty much everything I have learned about my Cameo. If you have a Silhoutte, you should definitely check out her blog... She has some really good tutorials, and I referred to this one when I made these cupcake toppers.

I Googled Star War images and came across some really cute ones, I then opened up the image in the Silhoute Studio Designer Edition and followed Jin's tutorial for the rest.

Here is what I had once they were all cut up. For the toppers I just used hot glue and toothpicks.

On the reverse side of the topper place a large enough glob of glue.

Fold in half and align with the bottom part of the topper. Press together. 

All ready for the cupcakes!

Now time to get started on the cup cakes, cake pops and the cake!

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