Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DIY Personalized Word Art Paintings

It's my very good friend's birthday today, which also happens to be my oldest friend as well. We have been friends since 1983... Whoa, that's almost 30 years! Happy Birthday Suzie!!!

So for Suzie's birthday, I thought I would surprise her with one of my paintings. For a while, I used to sell them on my Etsy store, but now I just make them for friends and family. Suzie had mentioned she would like me to paint some word art for her a while ago. I normally would ask her for a whole bunch of words that she would like that described her and her family. I'll make her subway art painting for next time when I know what words she would like. But, since I wanted it to be a surprise I thought instead of making the typical subway art type painting, I would make it look like a word search. The circled words would be her family names. I love how it turned out. I hope she will too!

DIY Personalized Word Art Paintings by

Here is how I make my word art paintings. I've seen many different ways of doing this on Pinterest, so I thought I would share how I make mine.

The first thing you want to do is decide on your words. I use my Silhouette to out my word, fonts, layout. I then cut out my letters. Instead of using vinyl which is expensive and you are just going to discard it, I use contact paper. I then remove the letters from the contact paper leaving behind the negative of the letters.

Next, prepare the canvas. For this project, I chose a 16X20 frame. I like to wet down the canvas first just with water and roll it on with a foam roller.

Now it's time to give your canvas some color. I used acrylic paints. Give the canvas at least 2 coats of color.

Once the canvas is dry remove the backing on the contact paper and as straight as possible lay it on your canvas. Try to smooth it out as much as possible.

Time to start painting in your words. For this painting, I used a foam brush and dabbed the paint on a little at a time. In the past, I have just a foam roller to roll it on. (If the contact paper isn't very tacky, it's probably better not to use a roller, or the paint might bleed under your stencil)

This is what it looked like prior to the big reveal.

For this painting, I just freehanded the circled words.

Once all the paint has dried I give the painting a protective clear coating with a paint sealer. 

Here are a few more of the paintings I have made in the past for myself, friends and family. Enjoy!

DIY Personalized Word Art Paintings by

DIY Personalized Word Art Paintings by

DIY Personalized Word Art Paintings by

DIY Personalized Word Art Paintings by

DIY Personalized Word Art Paintings by

Hope you've enjoyed my word art paintings! Maybe I've inspired you to make your own!

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Friday, April 27, 2012

DIY Birthday Card | Book For Birthday Keepsakes

TGIF! It's been one of those weeks! Starting off with losing pictures on my blog... can you tell I'm still a little bitter about that. Apparently, that has happened to a lot of other bloggers out there. Oh well, time to move on! Hopefully, next week will be a better week :)

So this weekend my kids have 3 birthday parties to attend! Yup, busy birthday weekend... so I thought I would share with you a little gift I made for each of the kids. I got the idea from one of my favorite bloggers Thienly Azim from her blog modpaperie, if you have not visited her yet...YOU MUST! She will inspire your socks off  :) She made a birthday book, I loved that idea. A place where you can keep all your memories of the day.

I didn't feel like going out and buying birthday themed paper so I thought I would just make my own pages using the print and cut features of the Silhouette, and use papers I already owned. For my books, I thought I would make a little box on the back to place some cards or even some of the birthday pictures. So here is my take on the birthday book, well 3 of them...

I used graphics from Lettering Delights Scribble Kids Alphabet, Banner Day Alphabet, and the Sweet Birthday SVG  kits. This is what the front covers look like.

DIY Birthday Card | Book For Birthday Keepsakes by

DIY Birthday Card | Book For Birthday Keepsakes by

Here is what the book looks like when the book is opened up,

even a spot for the birthday girls picture.

DIY Birthday Card | Book For Birthday Keepsakes by

DIY Birthday Card | Book For Birthday Keepsakes by

Here is a boy's version.

DIY Birthday Card | Book For Birthday Keepsakes by

DIY Birthday Card | Book For Birthday Keepsakes by

DIY Birthday Card | Book For Birthday Keepsakes by

A place for pictures, cards, whatever they like!

DIY Birthday Card | Book For Birthday Keepsakes by

Here is a pic of a tag that I put on the back of all my crafts!

DIY Birthday Card | Book For Birthday Keepsakes by

DIY Birthday Card | Book For Birthday Keepsakes by

DIY Birthday Card | Book For Birthday Keepsakes by

The box was just made on a score board, didn't use a cutter.

The box measured 4.5" X 6.5" X 0.5" 

Folded down the top edge and glued it. Then glued down all the rest of the edges to form a box.

Here is what it looked like all put together.

For the fan part of the book, I used the same measurements and then just glued the two sheets together. Once I had finished embellishing the pages I just adhered the last page to the box. Added some ribbon to tie it up and keep it all together. I hope the kiddos like them! I know my son already has put a request in for one!!!  Well better get busy!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Banff | Personalized Water Bottles

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend... I sure did :)

This weekend we escaped to the beautiful mountains of Banff  National Park, with some friends of ours. For those of you who love to ski or enjoy the great outdoors, this is the perfect place for you to visit. Since the weather is getting better, the timing couldn't have been more perfect.

Here are a few pics from our trip...

Our little family!

Maia, Tomas and Annabella :)

Awwww! Love this pic ;)

Personalized Water Bottles by

And here are the water bottles I personalized for my kids to take on our trip... no more wondering/fighting about whose water bottle is whose! They already had enough to argue about in a 4 hour road trip :(

Here is a link on how I personalized the bottles, but on a tumbler cup.

Happy crafting everyone!
Ilda :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Automatic Soap Dispenser Hack | DIY

As well as loving to craft, I also love to save money. I wouldn't call myself an extreme couponer, but if I have a coupon for an item and I need it, I will use it...Why not? I think it's silly if you don't!

So today I will share with you one of my saving tips! Over this last year, I have purchased a couple of automatic Lysol soap dispensers. (Actually, they were purchased and then I received my money back when I sent back the company the receipt and the mail-in rebate, so they were actually free!!!) They are great for little kids... just place your hand underneath, and outcomes just enough soap!

One of the dispensers was empty, so instead of buying a refill for $4.99 (250ml container), I bought a liquid hand soap at Costco for $9.99 (3.78L). That means I can fill up the existing container 15 times for $9.99, instead of spending $75+... here's how I did it :)

Automatic Soap Dispenser Hack | DIY by

Buy your favorite hand soap. 

Remove the lid. I used a butter knife to carefully pop off the lid, it does not twist off! 

Don't worry too much if the lid cracks a little where your knife was, as long as the center is intact you're still OK!

Wash out the container and the lid.


Push the lid back into place, you will hear a click!

Automatic Soap Dispenser Hack | DIY by

Place it back into the dispenser. Super quick, super easy! 
(took me longer to do the post, lol!)

Happy savings everyone!
Ilda :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

3D Paper Tea Pot | Silhouette File

Happy Monday!

It seems like its been a while since I last posted! Even though I haven't posted any projects, I have still been busy crafting! Just not enough time to post them :(

But, I wanted to make sure I made time to share a quick project that I worked on last night for a very good friend of mine. It's my friend Elaine's birthday today! Not only is she a wonderful nurse, she is also one of the kindest, sweetest and funniest persons I know! She always makes me laugh :) If she knows I'm working, she makes a point of finding me and leaves me a note or a treat! So I thought I would leave her a treat on her desk today. Since I know she always takes the day of her birthday off,  I thought I would leave her this little surprise! (I'm hoping she won't check my blog tonight!) 

3D Paper Tea Pot | Silhouette File by

A few years ago Elaine invited me to go back home with her to Hong Kong, well circumstances changed for her and she was no longer able to go... but since my husband and I had already planned on going we took advantage of the trip and toured China as well as Hong Kong. It was an amazing trip and one I won't ever forget! During the China portion of our trip, I ended up buying a lot of tea, at a tea house we visited. When Elaine found out how much I paid for this tea she laughed so hard, apparently, I could buy the same stuff here in China town for a fraction of the price I paid! Oh well, it was still great tea! So I thought since she loves tea, a teapot would be fitting :)

3D Paper Tea Pot | Silhouette File by

This 3D teapot file comes from the Silhouette online store. I also made this cute little tag with a frame file that comes with the Silhouette Designer Studio Edition. 

3D Paper Tea Pot | Silhouette File by

3D Paper Tea Pot | Silhouette File by

Here's me holding it up to show it's scale. 

I placed a few tea bags inside and a note! I hope she enjoys her next coffee break, with some of my tea... Happy Birthday, Elaine ;) 

Have a great week!