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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thank you for the Music | Piano Gift Box | SVGCuts

My daughter starts her summer break from piano lessons this week. So when SVGCuts came out with this piano from Thank You For the Music SVG Kit, I knew I had to make it for my daughter's piano teacher. 

Isn't it awesome?! I absolutely love how it turned out, classic and elegant!

Thank you for the Music | Piano Gift Box | SVGCuts by

Thank you for the music... for giving it to me. Doesn't that remind you of the ABBA song??? I can't get it out of my head now (doesn't that drive you nuts when that happens?!?)

I didn't have a stamp to coordinate so I used the print n cut feature of the Silhouette to print and cut the tag. The font I used is called scriptina. On the lid of the box and book, I wrapped some musical note washi tape by Recollections. 

The best part of this piano is that it's functional... it has enough storage for treats or maybe even a little gift! LOVE it! So simple and elegant and surprisingly easy to put together :) 

Thank you for the Music | Piano Gift Box | SVGCuts by

Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you like this little piano treat box. If you have a piano player in your life, surprise them with one of these beauties... I'm sure they'll love it!

Happy Crafting :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pinkalicious 3D Paper Cupcake Treat Box | SVGCuts

Happy Birthday to me! Yes, today is my birthday... a few steps closer to 40! Bring it on 37... it's gonna be a great year! :) 

No, I didn't make this cupcake for me although I love how it turned out. I made it for a very dear friend of the family, who celebrated her Birthday this past weekend. Isn't it adorable?!

Pinkalicious 3D Paper Cupcake Treat Box | SVGCuts

Files: (bow) from SVG Cuts Gift Boxes SVG Kit
Paper: Bazzill cardstock 
Patterned Paper: Anna Griffin's Valentina Collection
Stamp: from Stampendous
Cut: with the Silhouette Cameo
I enlarged these files to fit on a 12x12 paper. I also cut little perforations to the cupcake wrap. 

This box was big enough to stuff full of chocolate treats! Want to see a few other cupcakes I've created? Click here and here :)

I hope you like this fun.... and as my daughter called it "pinkalicious" treat box as much as I enjoyed making and giving it away! 

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Crafting :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Shirt Shaped Cards for Dad | SVGCuts

Happy Father's Day to all the Daddies in your lives! 

Shirt Shaped Cards for Dad by Ilovedoingallthingscrafty

Here are some fun cards I made for the men in my life. Aren't they super cute?! Love this fun paper collection. I'm sure I'll be making more of these cards... so easy and quick to put together. They would also be perfect for birthdays or summer vacations!

Shirt Shaped Cards for Dad by Ilovedoingallthingscrafty

Stamp: Bitty Regards from Unity Stamps
Paper: Carolyn Gavin Collection from K and Company 
Cut: on the Silhouette Cameo

Shirt Shaped Cards for Dad by Ilovedoingallthingscrafty

I hope today is a special day for you all! Thanks for stopping by... 

Happy Crafting :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Lifesaving" Wine Box for Dad | Wine Bottle Treat Box | SVGCuts

With Father's Day coming up quickly, I thought I'd better get a few gifts ready for the Day. Both of the Grand Dads and of course Daddy deserve a little treat!

Here is a super quick Print n Cut project I made. This box is so easy to do, I'm sure it would make any man happy!

"Lifesaving" Wine Box for Dad | Wine Bottle Treat Box | SVGCuts

I didn't have any stamps to coordinate with the theme so I made a digital one with fonts using the Silhouette SDE. Love how it turned out! 

For those that LOVE wine, I'm sure some days it is a lifesaver! (Shhhh, don't tell anyone I have never drank the stuff... weird right? I know... I'm Portuguese and my Dad makes his own wine... but my stomach actually turns at the smell of it, LOL!)

"Lifesaving" Wine Box for Dad | Wine Bottle Treat Box | SVGCuts

Here is what I used to create this project...

Wine Box File from SVG Cuts Classic Gift Boxes
Digital Paper and files from Fleurette Bloom's Ships Ahoy Collection. Check out this entire Element and Paper Collection! 


Cut on the Silhouette Cameo
To make my digital stamp I had to learn how to text to path. Click here for the link to a video that was very helpful!

If you are still looking for other ideas for Father's Day. here are some of my previous "Manly" projects to inspire your creativity!

Thanks so much for stopping by, hopefully, I've inspired some "Manly" creativity in you, lol! Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's in your life! 

Happy Crafting :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

DIY Printed Stamps on the Silhouette! (Part 1)

This one is for all of my Silhouette using friends! A few days ago I was looking for a stamp to coordinate with a card I was working on and didn't like what I had. I also didn't feel like going out and buying one... I needed it like NOW! So I had an aha moment... Why not make one digitally? I figured I had all the tools I needed. So here is how I was able to create my perfect stamp... The possibilities are endless, and it's was all at my fingertips!

Here is the card I made, the file comes from CLARA'S CHRISTMAS EVE KIT here. Isn't it pretty??? Look at the stamp! What a perfect match, don't you think?  Wanna see how I made it? Follow my instructions below. Super easy! It just looks lengthy... I probably should have made a video... not a road I want to go down right now... I'd probably crash! LOL! Ok, back to how I did it...

DIY Stamps on the Silhouette! (Part 1)

The first thing I did was go onto Since I was wanting to create a Christmas stamp, I needed Christmas images.  I then searched for holiday fonts or images known as wingdings. Here is the font I chose. The next thing I did was install it onto my computer, that way when I open up the Silhouette program it would automatically show up in the text box. (I chose to use a font/wingding but your possibilities are endless, use any image you have or find on the web!)

Next, I opened up my Silhouette Designer Studio Edition. Selected the text box, which brought up the text style box on the right-hand side. Scrolled down until I found the font I just installed  (Xmas tfb Christmas)
Because I had no idea of what the images were when each letter was typed I just type the whole alphabet out starting with upper case and then lower case letters.

DIY Stamps on the Silhouette! (Part 1)

Here are the images from this font. The next thing I did was change the outline color of the images to black. (I don't know why, but they look more like stamps when they are black)

DIY Stamps on the Silhouette! (Part 1)

The next thing I did was select all my images and ungroup them. Then I chose some of the images I thought I would like a stamp of. I'll just focus on a few for this post!

So here are some snowflakes I chose. Now, for some reason, the Silhouette software doesn't recognize this font. It will just print blank for you. All you need to do is fill the image in. Yes, it's that simple! Highlight the image and with the fill color option, change the color of the inside of your image. It won't print the outline, not sure why :( . I chose to make my snowflakes blue.

DIY Stamps on the Silhouette! (Part 1)

 Now you can get creative... Add other fonts, quotes, resize the images, basically do whatever you like! Here is what I did... (Remember to fill in the color your fonts or else you will end up with the outline of the letters)

DIY Stamps on the Silhouette! (Part 1)

Once you arrange your images the way you like, group them together. The next thing I did was select each image and create an off-set for them.

DIY Stamps on the Silhouette! (Part 1)

Now if you look closely you will notice that if I leave the image this way when it is sent to the cutter it will cut all the little spaces in between my image. Since I don't want that to happen, I will first highlight the inside image, right-click and copy. Then highlight it again and right-click and delete the image. (don't worry) You should be left at this point with only an outline. Look something like this...

DIY Stamps on the Silhouette! (Part 1)

Now highlight this image and right-click and select Release Compound Path. Go ahead and delete all the little pieces from the inside of the image. Like I did below.

DIY Stamps on the Silhouette! (Part 1)

Next, highlight the image again, right-click and select Paste in Front. That should bring your image back. Note! Very important... DO NOT drag your image or move it on the screen or else it might not line up. Phew!!! I managed to keep it still!  Here's what it should look like now.

DIY Stamps on the Silhouette! (Part 1)

Notice that the offset outline is black, if left this way the outline might be visible when you cut it with your machine. I changed the outline in mine by just selecting the outline portion of the image and changing it to a very light grey. Make sure you group the outline now and the image together!

DIY Stamps on the Silhouette! (Part 1)

Time to select your cut style. Since I want just the out-line cut, I've selected the cut edge option. If you wanted to at this point you could go ahead a send this to your printer. This image is actually too large at this point for my liking, so I will re-size it and I would like to make a few more copies. I only want 5, but you can fill so many more on one sheet. I will be printing on an 8.5 x 11" sheet of paper. Here is what my sheet looks like.

DIY Stamps on the Silhouette! (Part 1)

Now you are ready to send it to your printer and then cut it out with your Silhouette machine. Make sure you save your work. 

DIY Stamps on the Silhouette! (Part 1)

If you want to see how I created the shadow cutout for my stamp (blue piece behind the stamp), check out the next post. Part 2 DIY Stamp Shadows on the Silhouette

Hope this post was helpful and hopefully not too complicated to follow :) 
Thanks for following and if you like this post leave me some love in the comments below!
Happy stamp-making!

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Personalized Frame | Paper Pieced Baby Decor | SVGCuts

Here is a frame I made for one of my dearests friends, who recently had a baby boy. Love the unique name she chose for her little guy... Alessio. Love it! Congrats LeeAnn and Joe!
Personalized Frame | Paper Pieced Baby Decor

The files I used for this project all come from SVGCuts freebie selection. The font I used is called Kristen ITC. Added a little embossing and some ribbon and voila, a great art piece for the nursery! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

3D Apple Treat Box | Back to School Gift For Teacher | SVGCuts

HELLO! I'm finally back from our European travels! Yay! The trip was amazing, but I am glad to be home :) I know you all must have been going through a bit of withdrawal from my blog, lol! No worries I already have the crafting itch... so I've already started crafting away! Yes, it's back to REALITY... and as you might have already noticed I have made some changes to the appearance of the blog... I guess that will always be changing and under construction! But what do you think so far...better right?

So yesterday was the first day of school for the kids... Their school actually started last week, but we were still away. I don't think they minded at all missing a few days! So here they are just before leaving for school. Maia is in grade 1 and Tomas is in grade 3. I can't believe that they are this big already! Time just keeps flying!

So here are the treats I made for the teachers this year. What teacher doesn't like apples? Especially when they're filled with chocolates?! I hope they like them... I love how they turned out!

3D Apple Treat Box | Back to School Gift For Teacher | SVGCuts

Here is a closer look, aren't they adorable?!

3D Apple Treat Box | Back to School Gift For Teacher | SVGCuts

The files for the 3D Apple come from SVG Cuts MISS BAKER'S CLASSROOM SVG KIT. I can't say enough good things about their files. Mary is amazing at what she does! The paper I used is from Fancy Pants Designs, their Off to School collection.

I hope you liked them too!
Happy crafting :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

3D Paper Cheeseburger Treat Box | Father's Day Gift for Dad | SVGCuts

While I was working on my last entry for the Father's Day SVG Cut's Facebook Challenge, I had another idea that I thought would make a cute gift for my husband from the kids. He loves cheeseburgers so I thought I could make him a gift box using SVGCuts files

 Here's how it turned out... doesn't it look yummy!

3D Paper Cheeseburger Treat Box | Father's Day Gift for Dad by

Here is the cheeseburger recipe.... all cooked up with my Cameo, lol!

 I used the cupcake top and the top tier from the cake box to make my hamburger patty and the bottom of the bun. 

I made my cheese layers, using the top of the graduation cap.

From the MY DAY WITH DAD SVG KIT I made the banner.

The bacon strips are a freebie file on the SVGCuts blog, and the sesame seeds were made in the Silhouette Studio DE program. WOW! That's a lot of ingredients!!! Oh yes, to make it taste and look even better I used a green ribbon to make some lettuce and hot glued it to the top of the bun. I also inked some edges and embossed a few things, et voila... Dad's cheeseburger!

3D Paper Cheeseburger Treat Box | Father's Day Gift for Dad by

I love that it's functional too! It has enough room for some treats and maybe even some love notes from the kids!

3D Paper Cheeseburger Treat Box | Father's Day Gift for Dad by

You could also make this cheeseburger with two gift compartments by turning the bottom bun into a box as well!

3D Paper Cheeseburger Treat Box | Father's Day Gift for Dad by

I always love to show you the scale... pretty realistic, almost good enough to eat!

3D Paper Cheeseburger Treat Box | Father's Day Gift for Dad by

Hope you like this project, I know my husband will love this! 

Happy crafting!
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

SVG Paper Drum Treat Box Birthday Gift | SVGCuts

Happy Tuesday everyone!

We've been so crazy busy lately! Birthdays, events, work, school, soccer, and the weather is finally nice I need to get some yard work done. There just doesn't seem to be enough time... oh well, one thing at a time!

I wanted to share this with you all last week when I finished this but never had the chance to post it until today. So here is a drum I made for a very fun 5 years old. He, like his Daddy, love the drums, so I thought this would be perfect for him. Happy Birthday, Antonio, hope you had a fun-filled day!

SVG Paper Drum Treat Box Birthday Gift | SVGCuts by

The drum file comes from SVG cuts SANTA'S VISIT SVG KIT. I used black card stock for the drum base and embellished it with tin foil tape to give it the chrome look. 

I laid out the tape on the silhouette mat and cut the foil with my Cameo.

For some texture, I ran the accent drum pieces through the Cuttlebug

Here is a closer look. 

SVG Paper Drum Treat Box Birthday Gift | SVGCuts by

I hope you loved this little drum. It will make the perfect little gift for the drummer boy in your life!

Happy crafting!