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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day Cards

Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers reading this post!

Today I wanted to share with you all the fun cards I made for the moms in my life. Since I was making some for myself, I thought I would make a few more for my children's school Auction that took place this weekend. The cards are all same with a few different embellishments. Love how they turned out and hope you do too!

These first cards are perfect for the mom that sews. 

I stamped the inside of the cards with a stamp from Craftin Desert Divas -Happy Celebrations stamp set.

The papers I used comes from Carta Bella's Sew Lovely Paper Collection. Love this paper!!!

Here is the same card with a different Carta Bella Collection. The papers for this one comes from Homemade with Love.

This paper is perfect for the Baking Mom in your life!

The files for this card all  come from SVG Cuts Cards for Mom Kit.

I used pieces from 3 different cards in the kit to come up this design. Sweet and simple.... especially when making multiples!

Hope you liked my Mother's Day Cards! I think this design could also be used as a Valentines Day card or even an Anniversary card.

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Crafting  :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

DIY Pin Cushion from an Old Sock

DIY Pin Cushion from an Old SockI've been meaning to share this with you all for a while and finally got to it this morning when my husband handed me another holy sock! Usually, they end up as grease rags for the garage, but a while ago I had this idea to turn one into a pincushion. So today I decided to show you how I did that. SUPER easy!!!

  • First make sure you have a clean sock... who wants to work with a dirty, smelly one! YUCK!!! Also, make sure that the hole in your sock is not in the toe area, or else it won't look as pretty!

DIY Pin Cushion from an Old Sock

  • Starting at the top of the sock, roll it inward until you reach the toe part. Should end up looking something like this! You could just leave it like this, but it doesn't look very pretty :(

DIY Pin Cushion from an Old Sock, recycled

Squeeze the sock into a small clay pot or container of your choice. I didn't even have to use glue to secure it in place it was wedged in pretty tightly! Stick your pins in it and there you have the quickest little useful project ever!

Hope you like this DIY tutorial, would love to know what you think. What do you do with your old socks?

Happy Crafting Everyone :)
Thanks again for stopping by! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Maia's Room Make Over - DIY Canopy Bed - Part 5

My daughter Maia has always wanted a canopy bed, as I think all little girls like. So I thought I could make one for her, as I wasn't about to buy a whole new set of furniture for her. We will wait until she outgrows her bed for now!

Here is what I did...

TIP: To help me find the right measurements before I drilled holes into the ceiling I used thumbtacks to pin elastic bands to the ceiling so I could see exactly where to hang up my curtain rod!

Here is a closer look! I bought these rods at IKEA for $1.99 on sale, woohoo!

I had gone to the fabric store to look for some shear-type material, but for the amount, I needed it was going to cost me a fortune! So good ol' IKEA had the perfect curtains. All I needed was 3 panels so I had to buy 2 packages.

All I did then was sew the panels to each other, leaving pockets for where the curtain rods would be placed through. 

Since I didn't like the ends that the rods came with, I used my own round crystal beads and just hot glued them in place.

Maia's Room Make Over - DIY Canopy Bed - Part 5

And Voila! Super quick and easy canopy bed! 

I hope you liked this tutorial and maybe even make one for your little princess!

Happy crafting :)