Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Home Organization Station/Wall

While I was at Costco the other day I picked up a white board for a Pinterest inspired project I had in mind... I had been wanting to make an home organization station/wall. Here is the project that inspired me to get organized. Click here to see how Tracy made this. 

So here is how I started my wall...

The wall I am referring to and you will see at the end of the post is the wall next to my fridge in my kitchen. On that wall I did have a very small, sad looking eraser board. :(  I wished I had taken a picture of the wall before I took it down, oh well.

This white board was way to small for my liking so I though I would turn it into a cork board. To do this I just used double sided tape and attached cork board sheets to it. I did have to trim cork to make it fit all together. 

I had to stack 2 layers of cork together, simply because the cork wasn't thick enough... Haha, I guess I shouldn't complain too much I bought it at the Dollar Store, lol!

I then covered the board with some left over white cotton fabric that I had, and secured it with hot glue. I could of left it all white but it just looked so boring so I thought I would paint a frame around it. I used some masking tape to outline the frame.

Using a foam brush and acrylic black paint I painted all around the board, ensuring to pull in the paint from the masking tape. This will prevent the paint from bleeding underneath the tape.

The finished cork board!

Here is the magnetic white board I picked up at Costco.

I had these desk top calenders that I turned in to a monthly reward chart for my kids. I used my Cameo to cut the words out of vinyl. I adhered these to my new magnetic white board with double sided tape.

So here is what it looked like before I added all papers to it that were on my fridge...

And here is my wall after I added all our important school/house stuff. Not bad... I'm sure it will get a lot messier soon enough! Wished I had done this earlier on in the school year!!!

Cork board in use!

Kids reward chart!

They can earn up to $1 a day, but they can also loose that money for breaking any rules. I minus 20 cents for each broken rule! So far they haven't gone into the negatives... yet!!! 

I hot glued some clips to the bottom edge for things I have to deal with.

To make the pens stick to the board I cut up a small piece magnetic strip and hot glued it to each cap.

I also added a magnetic strip to the eraser.

The best part is that you can't even see the wall from the kitchen area and my fridge is paper free! 

Hope you like this post and were inspired by it just like I was with Tracy's post! 
Happy crafting!


  1. Hi! Thanks for the instructions and post. You did a great job explaining each step. This is now added to my to-do list. :)

  2. Oh WOW!!! I want that station wall!!! FANTASTIC!

    Thanks for sharing at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  3. I love how organized everything is! What a great job you did. Thanks so much for sharing this at Thursday's Temptation as well!


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