Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Paper Tropical Fish Aquarium | 3D Paper Decoration | SVGCuts

I am SO super excited to share with you my latest SVG Cuts project! Check out my paper Tropical Fish Aquarium, I think this has to be one my favorite SVG Cuts project so far. Isn't this just the coolest Fish Tank you have ever seen!?!

Filled with tropical paper fish that will never die if you forget to feed them, and even better yet you will never have to change the stinky water or ever clean it! How more perfect could it get?!?

For those of you interested in recreating the Aquarium here are the SVG Kits that you will need:

For the exact instructions and measurements, click HERE.

The COOLEST part is that the aquarium actually lights up! YES, it sure does!
Making this the wickedest (if that is even a word) night light for kids :) My only problem now is that I have to find time to make another one as I have two kids and only one aquarium, LOL!

Here are the battery-operated LEDs tucked secretly under the lid! Clever huh?!? 

Hope I have inspired you to create your own LOW/No maintenance aquarium. This project would make a great gift for the classroom, the office, or for your kid's room! 

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

April + Shower = May Flowers! Spring Umbrella Cupcake | SVGCuts

Hello, hello!

Did you know that April + Showers = May Flowers?!? 
Well in my part of the world it happens to be April + SNOW = May Flowers, lol! Anyways the results are the same, even if most of the flowers are just dandelions, hehe! 

Today I want to share with you my latest SVG Cuts DT project. to share. It is quite simple and sweet, literally! If you are interested in recreating your own Umbrella Cupcake, head on over to SVGCuts Inspirations page where I have it all broken down for you to the exact measurements!

This Umbrella Cupcake would be a great way to spruce up a dessert table at a Baby or Bridal/Wedding Shower. Make one for the guest of honor, or make one for all the guests! It would also make the cutest just because gift ;)

Here are the SVG Cuts files I used for this project:

Cloud and Raindrops- Bunny Hop SVG Kit
Umbrella (Baseball Cap) - Fun and Games SVG Kit
Pink Flower - Love Always SVG Kit
White and Yellow Flower - Mom's Garden Gifts SVG Kit
Cupcake Wrapper - Spring Cupcake Wrappers SVG Kit 

The sentiment was created with the Print n Cut on the Silhouette Cameo.

 Love the cupcake wrapper, doesn't it just scream Spring?!

Hope you have enjoyed this little Springtime Treat! Make it for a friend or make it for your next Shower Event. It will surely bring a smile to someone's face... plus who doesn't love a good cupcake!

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Cupcake Shaped Cards

Today I have a few cards to share with you. I don't know about you guys (card makers, papercrafters) but now I feel guilty when I don't have a hand made card to give away. Store-bought just feels so wrong to me.... Ohhhh the papercrafter's guilt! Who knew?!? Maybe I'm just weird! I appoligize ahead for those of my friends that get store-bought from now on... but be nice, I probably did not have time LOL!

Anywho moving onto my fab cards! These cards are a combination of a few Fleurette Bloom files. Super easy and quick to put together, I actually made two! You can never have enough it seems. 

Here is my little blue cupcake. For how to make your own shaped cards click HERE for one of my previous posts on shaped cards.

To make these cute cards here are the Fleurette Bloom files you will need:

These cards were cut and using the Silhouette Cameo.

Here is the pink cupcake, yummy!

and the happy birthday stamp inside.

Hope you've enjoyed my delicious cards today. Now go and "whip" up your own!

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Sharing this with my Crafty Peeps!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Happily Ever After Wedding Box Card | SVGCuts

With Wedding Season in full swing, I know I will be needing to make a few more of these Wedding box cards! This one is was requested and made for my mother, who went to a Wedding this weekend... Nothing like having a personal card maker, hey mom?  Hehe, I would do anything for her, lol! 

For those of you interested in recreating a similar card, here are the SVGCuts files you will require:
Plain Box Card (Scalloped Flaps) - Box Cards SVG Kit
Wedding Cake and Flowers - Love Always SVG Kit
Porch and Window - Santa's Village SVG Kit

The sentiment was created with the Print n Cut on the Silhouette Cameo, using Jenna Sue font.

And there is even a little spot to write a message on the back.

And the card fold flat enough to slide into an envelope! Love that about these cards :)
Mary Bonk(SVG Cuts owner) you are a Genius!!!

Hope you have enjoyed my take on a Wedding Box Card. Congrats to all the Happy Couples getting married this weekend... this card may just be for you ;)

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nurse's Week Cake - Happy Birthday Florence Nightingale | DIY Cakes

Happy Nurse's Week to all my fellow Nurses!

Many of you may not know this, but when I'm not crafting I'm probably working at the Cross Cancer Institute. I have been an RN there for over 16 years, and have loved every minute of it. My patients and coworkers have made that possible, truly they are simply the best! 

I was honored to be asked by our Local CCI Union Reps to make a cake for this week's festivities. Here is the cake I came up with for the occasion! The theme for the event was Florence Nightingale's Birthday.  I'm so happy with how it all came together.

The red symbol on the front of the cake is our Union's logo - UNA (United Nurses of Alberta)

Nurse's Week Cake - Happy Birthday Florence Nightingale | DIY Cakes

Since this cake is in honor of Florence Nightingale's Birthday, I thought it would be cute to incorporate her throughout the cake.

Happy to see Ms. Nightingale takes her calcium, LOL!

Nurse's Week Cake - Happy Birthday Florence Nightingale | DIY Cakes

Unfortunately, it looks like she may be a Cancer patient,  poor Flo!
At 194 years old, it was bound to happen!
(All the patients at our hospital receive a red card)

Nurse's Week Cake - Happy Birthday Florence Nightingale | DIY Cakes

This cake measures, approx 14" in height. 
The bottom layer is an 11" round almond flavored white cake the top a 10" round chocolate cake. 
The entire cake was frosted with vanilla buttercream icing, covered and decorated with fondant.

Nurse's Week Cake - Happy Birthday Florence Nightingale | DIY Cakes

Here is some more close up pics of the details on the cake. 

Nurse's Week Cake - Happy Birthday Florence Nightingale | DIY Cakes

Nurse = big heart!

Nurse's Week Cake - Happy Birthday Florence Nightingale | DIY Cakes

I hope you have enjoyed my Nurse's Week Cake. I think Florence would have loved her cake! I know my friends at work loved it and by this hour it's probably been entirely devoured!

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day - Tea Time Box Cards | SVGCuts

Happy Mother's Day! 
I hope all the Mommys out there reading my post today are enjoying some time with their babies!

Today I want to share with you a few more box cards I made for Mothers Day (hope mine don't see this before I give it to them, lol!). These cards come from SVGCuts latest Box Card SVG Kit, the tea time box card makes the perfect Mother's Day card. I can't get enough of these cards!!! SO easy to put together, I'm not sure I want to make a card any other way now!

Happy Mother's Day - Tea Time Box Cards | SVGCuts Files

These cards are so cute and I love the fact that they lay flat and slide perfectly into an envelope! How cool is that!?!

The paper from the above card comes from Dovecraft Collections, Tea Party, and the card belows' paper comes from First Editions, Spring Feast Paper pad.

The cards were cut out with the Silhouette Cameo and the sentiments created with its Print n Cut feature.

Happy Mother's Day - Tea Time Box Cards | SVGCuts Files

Keeping this post short and sweet, so I can go enjoy some Mommy time :)
Happy Mother's Day Everyone!!!

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Strawberry Basket Box Card | SVG Cuts Files

This weekend is birthday HEAVY over at our house! We have 4 birthdays, either to attend or acknowledge! So I had a blast creating some cards! 

Here is the Strawberry Basket box card from SVGCuts latest Box Card SVG Kit. Another definite must-have to add to your SVGCuts Collection! I absolutely love these cards!!! They have the 3D feel but the ease of 2D assembly!

Strawberry Basket Box Card | SVG Cuts Files

The paper I used comes from GCD Studios, Oh Happy Day Paper Pad.

Strawberry Basket Box Card | SVG Cuts Files

I thought it was the perfect sentiment for this card, as here in Edmonton we just got rid of the white stuff!

Strawberry Basket Box Card | SVG Cuts Files

And of course, I used my trusty ol' Silhouette Cameo to cut everything out!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you like my little Strawberry Basket Box Card! These little guys are so addictive... I'm sure I'll be making some more ;)

Happy Crafting Everyone :)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

First Communion Day + DIY Decor | SVGCuts

Hello Everyone!

This past weekend, my daughter Maia celebrated her First Holy Communion Day. A big deal in the Catholic Religion! 

As you all may already know I'm a huge DIY'er, if that is such a thing, lol! So as you can imagine I did do it ALL... a bit stressful as I had a bit of a sinus infection last week, but thank goodness I had a lot of the preparations done ahead of time :) 

For those that want to attempt DIY'ing things for an event like this, I would highly recommend you buy yourself an electronic cutting machine. My go-to machine is the Silhouette Cameo, but there are many others out there! My poor Cameo was very useful over the last few months in preparation for the big day.

WARNING: this post is picture HEAVY! But hey, who doesn't like pictures!

Let's start with the cake table :) 
As you can see other than the cake, treats, and roses, most of my table decor was made out of paper! All the files that I used come from SVGCuts, love that their files are so versatile! For those of you interested in the exact files I used, they will be listed throughout and at the end of this post :)

First Communion Day + DIY Decor

Here is my sweet and simple, yet elegant banner!

First Communion Day + DIY Decor, Banner

Here is a closer look at the details.

First Communion Day + DIY Decor, Banner

How do you like my ceiling decor? Tule, a few balloons, and a tissue ball... Oh, and a few flowers I stuck randomly on the tissue ball. That's it, SO easy!!! I just used push pins to hold the ends of the tule up on the ceiling (when the ceiling is textured you can barely see any holes). I had this up on Monday night and the party was on Sunday, almost a whole week... even the balloons! Keep reading and I'll even tell you my secret on how to keep them from deflating!

First Communion Day + DIY Decor, Ceiling Decotation

First Communion Day + DIY Decor, Table Decor

How cool is this Chalice? For those of you that are SVG Cuts Fans, you may recognize the top as the teacup from Tea For You and Me SVG Kit and the bottom is the lamp base from Maison de Madeline SVG Kit! Clever, I know 😏

First Communion Day + DIY Decor, Table Decor

and what about this beautiful cross! 
(K, just ignore the little pearl that fell off... didn't catch that when I took the photo, dang it!) Anyways, back to the Cross... It's actually the letter "T" from the 3D Letters SVG Kit plus the iron Cross from the Christian Elements SVG Collection. Cool, eh? Yup, I am Canadian!

First Communion Day + DIY Decor, Table Decor

Flowers were used everywhere! I first used them on this cute Topiary Tree, then walls, and finally as little accents throughout... they kind of became weeds, lol. Same flower different sizes, various layers!

First Communion Day + DIY Decor, Table Decor

This perfect little book is where my daughter stored her keepsakes from the day... it's already jammed full! Kind of wished I had made it a little bigger! 

First Communion Day + DIY Decor, Paper Book Keepsake

The invitations I made below, I think have to be one of my favorite projects from the event. Simple and easy to make especially when you have a bunch to make! Aren't those the cutest pearl grapes ever?! 

First Communion Day + DIY Decor, treat boxes

Here is a peek at the inside, done by using the Print n Cut on the Silhouette Cameo.

First Communion Day + DIY Decor, Invitations

How darling are these little favor boxes?!? They are the perfect size for a little Thank-you for your guests to take home.

First Communion Day + DIY Decor, treat boxes

See, I told you those flowers were everywhere! Weeds, I tell you!!! They even made it to every single pew down the center aisle of the Church (not one picture of them did I get... "OUCH"... that was me kicking myself!)

First Communion Day + DIY Decor, Table Set Up and Decor

and some more weeds, lol! But, look how they pretty up the vases ;)

First Communion Day + DIY Decor, Table Decor

O, o, and here is the cake! Isn't it purty!?! SO delicious too! I tried to make it somewhat look like my daughter's dress... well to the best of my abilities! 

First Communion Day + DIY Decor, Table Decor, Communion Cake

First Communion Day + DIY Decor

OK! Are you ready for the SECRET to keeping balloons from deflating (well at least 1 week!) Scotch quick dry glue!!!

While I was experimenting with how to cover a balloon with tule, I had a light bulb moment! I knew that the balloons that you get filled up at the party places get some type of liquid squirted inside them to make them last longer, so I thought to myself why not squirt a little bit of glue at the end of the balloon (where you tie your knot). Well, my idea worked and a few days later the balloons were still the same size except for the one balloon I didn't do my glue trick to, which was all shriveled up!

First Communion Day + DIY Decor, Balloons

As promised for those of you that want to know how to recreate these paper projects, here is the recipe! Most files I used were not altered, only changed in size.

Favor Boxes - Playful Parlour SVG Kit
Invitations - (card) Enchanted Autumn SVG Kit
(bread and chalice) Christian Elements SVG Collection,

Here is a pic of my little Princess Maia, cause that's what she felt like and acted like all day! She was even doing the royal wave... SO funny!

First Communion Day + DIY Decor

I hope this blog post has been helpful in providing you with a few ideas for planning your special day! Not only for a Communion but there are so many other religious type events that these projects could be adapted to!

For more Communion ideas, check out my son's Communion Day or if you are looking for Confirmation day ideas, Click HERE!

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