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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Paper Tropical Fish Aquarium | 3D Paper Decoration | SVGCuts

I am SO super excited to share with you my latest SVG Cuts project! Check out my paper Tropical Fish Aquarium, I think this has to be one my favorite SVG Cuts project so far. Isn't this just the coolest Fish Tank you have ever seen!?!

Filled with tropical paper fish that will never die if you forget to feed them, and even better yet you will never have to change the stinky water or ever clean it! How more perfect could it get?!?

For those of you interested in recreating the Aquarium here are the SVG Kits that you will need:

For the exact instructions and measurements, click HERE.

The COOLEST part is that the aquarium actually lights up! YES, it sure does!
Making this the wickedest (if that is even a word) night light for kids :) My only problem now is that I have to find time to make another one as I have two kids and only one aquarium, LOL!

Here are the battery-operated LEDs tucked secretly under the lid! Clever huh?!? 

Hope I have inspired you to create your own LOW/No maintenance aquarium. This project would make a great gift for the classroom, the office, or for your kid's room! 

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Crafting  :)