Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY tissue paper rosettes - Communion Decor

And my party decor continues.... two posts in one day! Only because the kiddos aren't home, LOL! Thank God for Grand Parents! :)

Rosettes are pretty trendy right now so I thought I would try and figure them out. It actually was pretty simple after making all the pom poms! 

Here is a step by step tutorial on how I made my tissue paper rosettes...Sorry! Not too happy with my pictures though, bad lighting! I need to work on my photography skills... oh well, lesson learned!

Hope you enjoyed this step by step tutorial... now back to more party decor making!

Ilda :)


Angie S said...

These are great! Thanks for the step by step instructions. Make sure to take pics of all the decorations on Sunday. TFS

Ilda Dias said...

Thanks Angie, and you are very welcome! I will be taking lots a photos to share with everyone :)