Thursday, March 8, 2012

Communion Cake Pops - Plus tips I learned from process!

And the baking begins... 

So the first time I made cake pops it was kind of a disaster, I had watched you-tube videos but still it was a mess. They kept falling apart because they were so heavy and dense and it was really frustrating! This time was much better, like anything else you learn from your mistakes!

I ended up using a cake pop maker this go around. So much easier and the cake balls were not as heavy so they didn't fall off the sticks. (I do have to admit that the baked cake pops don't taste as good as the dense cake pops that are made with cake batter and icing)

Something else I learned from last time was that the balls kept rolling around and staining the sticks with wet chocolate. This time I used an old Styrofoam egg carton. Worked wonderfully and made it easy to transport to the fridge as well!

I don't have a fancy cake pop stand, so I used a floral foam to support the cake pops while they dried. All I did was take a sharp knife and poke holes all around the foam, piercing the plastic wrap that the foam came in. That way it kept all the foam flakes inside the plastic and made it easy to wipe off so I can reuse next time (you could also use cling wrap or tin foil to wrap up the foam)

Having the cake pop on the foam also made it easy to pick up and rotate the position of the pops as I decorated the top!

More tips... 

  • when melting your chocolate if you find the consistency too thick, add a tiny bit of shortening until you find it easy enough to coat the pops. (Thanks to my sister In-law Rozana for that one, made a huge difference!)
  • The other thing I did was melt my chocolate in microwave in a deep bowl.  Placed a smaller bowl underneath the chocolate bowl with boiling water, this kept the chocolate from solidifying once I started dipping the cold cake pops.

Hope these tips help future cake pop makers... if you have any more tips I would love to hear from you as well!

Well gotta run and get ready for an evening shift at the Hospital. Thanks for stopping by!

Ilda :)


  1. great idea using the egg carton! Thanks for the tips.

  2. Cool Ilda!! (From Karen at Nuno's office)

  3. You can put up to 2 Tablespoons of shortening to melted chocolate for better consistency for dipping. Be careful with the water around chocolate it can make it lumpy and it will not set up good. I love the idea for egg cartons.


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