Friday, April 12, 2013

Ninjago Birthday Party Lanterns - Free Silhouette Studio file

Today I am going to share with you how I made some little lanterns to go with my son's Ninjago themed party.

Do you remember making these in Elementary School??? I sure do! I really like how these turned out and how quick they came together! 

Since I wanted to make a few of these lanterns, I thought rather then cutting them out by hand I would create a file for them with my Silhouette program. Now I can share it with you all!

Before you download...
My free files RULES!!!

  1. If you choose to download all I ask is you become a follower.
  2. Note my files are for personal use only! (Personal use means... only for you to use (no trading, or sharing of my files... let me do that!) 
  3. If you want to share, send your friends over to my blog for the download. 
  4. I'm OK with people sharing my files on their own sites as long as there is a direct link back to this blog...Give credit where credit is due! (a message to me would also be appreciated)

Click here for the Lantern (Silhouette) .studio file

Here is a quick pictorial on how simple they came together. Pretty self explanatory I think!

Easy right?  Coming up...

Have a great day and thanks for stopping in,
Happy Crafting :)

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  1. The party decorations are coming together nicely. Thank you for the file.

  2. love the lanterns they look awesome
    come visit us at

  3. Thank you ! i'm a bit sad because I'm not able to use this studio file :( I only can use svg ..sniff

    1. Sorry Connsue... I wish I knew how to convert them easily for you :( ... all you need is Silhouette, lol!

  4. Love this specially the lanterns :)

  5. what is silhouette and how do I get it??

    1. Hi Myla! The Silhouette is an electronic cutting machine. Look online probably better prices, they are also now sold at Micheal's craft stores.

  6. hi! Your blog is really a great help! i'm having hard time opening the file though.. can you help me? Thanks a bunch!

    1. Hi Dannah! The .studio file is proprietary to the Silhouette Studio Cameo Machine. You will require the machine to work with this type of file. Sorry :(


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