Sunday, April 14, 2013

DIY Ninjago Birthday Party Photo Booth

Now that you have seen the photo props, it's time to show you how I made the background for the Ninja photo booth, that will also double as a signature board keepsake. 

I wanted to used a simple pagoda image for my booth. This is the picture I used below as a guide. I just loaded the image on my iPad and just kind of copied it as best as I could... I wasn't going for perfection!

I first joined two pieces of poster board and taped them to each other, leaving a seam down the middle. I used the seam as a guide and just pencilled the drawing in first.

I then just painted the picture in with a paint brush and some red acrylic paint. You could also probably use a marker if you didn't feel comfortable painting. Here's a closer look... not bad for not being a traced image!  

I added thank you to each side, so that when our guests receive the picture it will also be a thank you to them as well! I am also hoping to get each guest to sign their names on it. This way Tomas can   keep it as a keep sake from the party! It folds in half very easily and can be rolled up for storage.

Here is Tomas once again posing with his weapons... 

and his sister Maia telling Tomas he's "Dead Meat!" Oh, can you feel the love!

I got my inspiration from here, please make sure to stop by and see all of the amazing ideas from her sons's Ninjago Party.

Hope your enjoying all the Ninjago fun as much as I am!

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