Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Planning a Ninjago Birthday Party - Invitation Tutorial

Hey all... it feels like forever since my last post, probably cause it has been a while... no worries, you're going to get post overload here soon!

So my son turned 9 yesterday. Last year he asked for a Star Wars-themed Party (it has actually been one of my most popular posts.) This year he asked if he could have a Ninjago themed party, "Of course" I said... but, in my mind I was kinda panicking, all I know is that they are little LEGO ninjas that my vacuum loves to find!

Well, no worries I thought, I'll just go to the Party place and buy the Ninjago party package... I couldn't believe they don't have such a thing (at least here in this city!) I have seen so much online I didn't think this would be a problem. Well, it's a good thing I'm crafty, lol!

So I thought I would start by sharing how I made my son's Birthday Invitations. I found this image just by doing a Ninjago search on Google images. Click here for the exact site. 

I have Photoshop, but haven't really tried using it yet... so I stuck with things I already was familiar with. I opened up Paint on the computer and pasted it on to the work surface. Since I needed a bigger surface to write on, I sized the picture to the length I wanted. Then I clicked on the paint button and colored the bottom portion black. All that is left to do is add your text. The font I used is called Shanghai. Once you are finished save your image. Open it up in whatever program you like and print it. 

Planning a Ninjago Birthday Party - Invitation Tutorial

I then used Word to create the rest of my invite. I really wanted something quick and easy to make especially for his little school friends. So I thought I would just print it all out on one sheet of paper. To do that I divided my page into 4 sections. On the bottom 2 sections of the page, I included a map and party details (see picture below). The top right section of the page I placed the image I created above, only flipped upside down. Fold the page in half and then in half again. Now they are ready to stuff in an envelope! So easy right? 

I also used these images and sent them over the internet to our friends and family! So much easier than hand-delivering ;)

I hope you like this quick tutorial on how I made these invites. Maybe next time you will make your own too :)

Stay tuned for posts coming up on...

This is at least what I have planned... we shall see much I can actually get done! 

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Happy Crafting :)


  1. They look great Ilda! Can't wait to see your additional projects.

  2. Wonderful work can't wait to see what else you made.


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