Thursday, April 5, 2012

DIY Star Wars Personalized T-shirt for Start Wars Birthday Boy

As part of my sons present I thought I would make him a personalized Star Wars T-Shirt. I have been wanting to try this out for a while, but never had a good reason to. I knew that Silhouette sold heat transfer vinyl, but living in Canada there are not very many places that carry Silhouette products, so I turned to Micheals. I had seen some iron on transfer sheets there before so I went there this past weekend with a 50% off coupon and bought a package.

I've been to to Dollar Store so often recently for all the party supplies and look what I found there! A Fruit of the Loom T shirt... Only $2!

I then began designing the T-shirt logo on the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition. I didn't have Start Wars font but I found the font for free here! You don't need the Silhouette to make this T-shirt but I wanted the Cameo to cut around the edges for me.  

Here is what it looked like on screen before I sent it to the printer. To use these transfer sheets you must use an ink jet printer, NOT laser printer! I learned that the hard way... we had to pull out our old printer for this.

After it was printed, I then cut out the images with the Cameo.

On the back of the T-Shirt I ironed on the little Star Wars logo (centered under the neck line).

Finally I placed the image on the front of the T-shirt and followed the directions on the transfer package. Seconds later the image fused and now I have a T-shirt that my son is surely going to love! Next time you see this shirt it will be finished and on my son :)

Thanks for coming by!
Ilda :)

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