Friday, August 9, 2013

3D High Heel Paper Shoe | SVG Cuts

SVG Cuts is doing another $6.99 gift card giveaway! This time its a 3D high heel shoe. All you have to do is download this free 3D high heel shoe, make it and submit your photo! Hurry offer expires on 8/12/2013. They are also giving away BONUS $25.00 gift cards... click HERE for all the details!


I've had this file in my collection for a while but haven't had an excuse to make it so today was the day! LOVE them!

They make the perfect pair of heels... Solemates, lol! The possibilities are endless. Change the papers and you have a completely different look! I think these would be great little treats for brides, bridesmaids, shoe addicts or for a girlfriends' birthday!

The bows from the shoes come from Gift Boxes SVG Kit.
The patterned paper from Recollections. 

Here they are again from a different angle! Aren't they hot?! 
I hope you like my take on the high heel shoe. Thanks so much to SVG Cuts for this awesome giveaway!

Happy Crafting :)

Rock Star Birthday Party | DIY Party

This past weekend our family celebrated my daughter's 7th Birthday.  Hard to believe my little girl is 7 already! For her party, she wanted to go with a rock star theme. She's really into karaoke these days and likes to act like a rock star... DIVA and all! I can hardly wait for those teenage years! If you've been following my blog you'll know she already had an early birthday party about a month ago with all her little girlfriends from school. Click HERE for her Paint themed Party!

Here is our little DIVA!

Other than the ceiling decor, I didn't do too much to decorate for the party. I had seen this done somewhere on Pinterest and thought about doing something similar for her party. Such a simple and inexpensive decoration too.

The only things I did purchase from Party City that were Rock Star themed were the balloons, 1 table cloth, hanging coils, and loot bags.

Here's what I used to make the ceiling decoration: 
  • 2 black plastic tablecloths 
  • 1 blue plastic tablecloth
  • 1 pink plastic tablecloth
  • 12 pink tissue paper sheets for the tissue pompom. Click HERE for directions.
(All supplies listed above were bought at a Dollar Store (for less than $5) why spend more when it goes right into the garbage when you are done!)
    All I did was cut each table cloth in half lengthwise. Then I chose my center point on the ceiling. I then took one end of the plastic pieces of table cloth gathered it together and with a thumbtack pierced it into the ceiling. Then I stretched out the same piece and secured each end of that piece with another tack. (For extra strength and to prevent it from ripping, I rolled the end of the cloth first and then pierce through two layers. This also hid the tack from view). Repeat the process with as many pieces as you like!

    Don't worry too much about the holes left behind on the ceiling, they are barely noticeable. Especially if you have a textured ceiling like I do.

    I also created this table back drop by covering 2 foam board pieces with pink wrapping paper and then used another black table to create the curtains of a stage. The stars were created with my Silhouette Cameo.

    Finally, here is the cake I made for my little Rock Star! The bottom layer was a chocolate flavored 10 inch cake and the top a vanilla flavored 6 inch cake. All covered with vanilla butter cream and finished with fondant.  I used rice crispy treats to create the guitar shape and covered it with fondant, and the guitar strings.... SPAGHETTI!  Yup, just painted them silver. I was mostly excited about the bottom quilted layer. For my first try doing this technique it turned out pretty awesome! 

    Hope you like my take on the Rock Star themed Party! I know my little girl did :)
    Thanks so much for stopping by.

    Happy Party Planning :)

    Friday, July 26, 2013

    Wrist Watch Birthday Cake | DIY Cake

    Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays! So many in our family during the summer months! This past weekend we celebrated my DH 40th Birthday... I knew I had to come up with something that he loved, and surprise him with it. Since he is a huge wristwatch lover and collector of many, I thought a watch cake would be perfect. Here is the cake replica of one of his favorite watches. By the way, he loved this surprise!

    The cake was vanilla flavored, baked in 11x11 square pans and then just cut the corners to get this shape. Frosted with a vanilla buttercream icing and covered with fondant.

    This was probably one of my most detailed cakes, only because of the hand piping. Took about 6 hours from start to finish. I wanted to finish it before my husband got home so I skipped lunch... bad move because I was starting to get a little shaky by the end as you can tell in my writing, haha!

    I hope you like my hubbies 40th Hublot watch cake. I had a lot of fun creating it! Thanks so much for coming by!

    Happy Baking  :)

    Wednesday, July 24, 2013

    Pirate Birthday Party Hats | DIY

    Yesterday was my little niece Olivia's 2nd Birthday. My Sister in Law asked if I would make Olivia's Party Hat again for this year's Party. Of course, I said yes! Click here to see last year's party hat.

    This year Olivia will be celebrating her birthday along with our little cousin Marko who will also be turning 2. They will be having a Pirate themed party this weekend. It should be a lot of fun! 

    My inspiration for the hats came from these cute invitations that were made by the Birthday Girl's God Mother.

    Here is what I came up with for the little guests of Honor! Sweet and simple. 
    They arrrrrrrrrrrrrr sure going to look cute... haha, that's as good as my pirate accent gets?!

    The file for the Party Hat comes from SVG Cuts Happy Birthday to You SVG Kit. Super easy and quick to make. Papers were done with the Print n Cut feature of the Silhouette. I also wanted to incorporate the little pirate ship from the invite. To do that, I traced the image and then shrunk it down enough to create the little button embellishments with my Epiphany Craft Shape Studio Tool (Round 25) I love how the buttons tie it all together. 

     I'm not a huge skull fan, but isn't this one so cute?!

    I hope you like my Pirate Party hats and saw how easy it was to make your own to tie into any party theme! 

    Happy Birthday Olivia and Marko!!! Thanks so much for stopping by.

    Happy Crafting  :)

    Friday, July 19, 2013

    3D Bee Hive Treat Box | SVG Cuts

    Hello! It feels like a while since I've last posted! It's been a bit chaotic and crazy busy around here, haven't had too much time to craft :(

    So today I want to share with you a cute Design Team project I made a while back for the Cutting Edge Online Magazine! If you are already a subscriber you may have seen this in the March/April Issue. The magazine is dedicated to all electronic die cutting machine users and paper craft addicts like me! Make sure you check it out, they also have a Facebook page, go and like them... they are always giving away stuff or sharing new projects :)

    Well, this project kind of reminds me of how what's going in on right now in my world... Busy, busy, busy, Bee!

    Here are the files I used for the Beehive:
    Bee file from Chamomile Friendship Cards SVG Kit and the Egg Shaped container from Poplar Street Tulips SVG Kit SVG Cuts

    The container is perfect to fill with yummy goodness!

    Here is a close-up of a cute little bee that I glued to a twisted wire.

    To create the entrance to the beehive:
    In the Silhouette SDE, load the bottom panels onto a work surface, then ungroup them. Next, I created a circle. Placed the circle over one of the bottom panels, then selected both images. Click on the Object button, select Modify then Subtract. You should be left with one panel with a circle cut out of it. Now cut out all your pieces. Follow the assembly instructions for the egg container file.

    Here is a card I made to go along with the treat box. It was a perfect little gift for a dear friend of mine on her birthday. Files for the card come from CHAMOMILLE FRIENDSHIP CARDS KIT here.

    Here is a quick tutorial on how I created my own Honeycomb patterned paper...

    • To do this I searched google images until I found an image I liked (Make sure it’s free to use first).
    • Copy your image and paste it onto your workspace in the Silhouette DSE
    • Next, you need to trace the image, to do that click on the trace window, select your trace area, then trace.
    • You now should have the hexagon grid skeleton.
    • Fill in the image with color and the same for the outline.
    • To create the yellow on the pattern, first I created a rectangle the size of my paper and filled it with the yellow color and outline.
    • Drag your honeycomb image over the rectangle and resize the image until it matches up with the yellow rectangle.
    • Group the two together.
    • Send to printer.
    It’s that easy!

    Hope you enjoyed my little projects, now I'd better get back to my busy reality! Have a great weekend everyone!

    Happy Crafting  :)

    Tuesday, July 9, 2013

    Clutch Purse Treat Box | SVG Cuts

    Hello, my crafty friends! Did you know SVG Cuts is giving away gift cards valued at $6.99! All you have to do is download this free handbag, make it, and submit your photo! Hurry offer expires on 7/12/2013. They are also giving away BONUS $25.00 gift cards... click HERE for all the details!


    As you all know I'm a huge SVG Cuts fan, so I couldn't pass up this opportunity... I had to make my own! Isn't it pretty?! This file was so simple and easy to put together... it took me longer to pick out the papers than to assemble it!

    The papers come from DCWV's  Bella Armoire Stack. The flower comes from AMELIE's ACCESSORIES KIT here. The sentiment I made using the Print n Cut feature on the Silhouette.

    This Clutch purse will make the perfect little gift box for one of my girlfriends! Hmmm, who's birthday is coming up???  And aren't those tassels darling? They are so cute! 

    Also, don't forget to check out the new kit SVG Cuts has out this week! Maple Manor SVG Kit It's this week's FREE gift this with a purchase $9.98! Just think you will already have $6.99 in your pocket if you make the purse! Boy, I'm starting to sound like one of those infomercials, haha!


    Well, hope you like my take on the Clutch Purse. Now go grab and make your own for FREE! Thanks for stopping by!

    Happy Crafting  :)

    DIY Paint Theme Birthday Party

    My daughter Maia will be 7 if a few more weeks but because her birthday always falls on the August long weekend here in Canada, her little school friends always seem to be away on vacation. Last year it was she who was on vacation, so she never did get to celebrate with her little friends. This year we thought we would celebrate it earlier to avoid disappointments.

    Since Maia loves art, we thought it would be a great idea to have her party at a local art studio. Turns out the owner of the studio's son was in Maia's class last year... what a small world! If you are an art lover, you should definitely check out 4 Cats Art Studio. This fun little franchise started here in Canada and is spreading all over the world! Here are some pictures of the party... I'm warning you, there are quite a few! 

    This was such a fun place, here is the cake table all set up. I love all the art on the walls, so bright and colorful!

    Here is Maia surprised to see her name upon the board!

    Pictured below are some of the girls quietly coloring while they wait for all the guests to arrive.

    The Birthday girl showing off her pastel drawing.

    Look at all those paints... an artists dream *swoon* ;)

    Maia's ready to start on her version of Picasso's flower paintings!

     What a bunch of great little artists!

    Clean up time!

    After all that work they deserved a little snack!

    Yay! Cake time, my favorite ;)
    Don't they look so excited?! LOVE those little smiles!

    Sit back, it's sparkler time! Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...

    Maia couldn't blow out the last two candles, but I love how she got some help from her friend Elise!

    Cake anyone? If you would like to see more details on the cake click here.

    Here are our future little artists posing by their masterpieces! Beautiful job girls! So much fun!

    As our little guests left the party, they each received a goody bag. Here is what was inside... more crafty goodness and some candy to keep them going, hehe!

    Thanks so much to Maha from 4 Cats Art Studio for making this such a fun Party, everything ran on time and very smoothly. Also, thanks to all the little girls that were able to come out and join Maia on her"early" Bday!

    I hope I've inspired you with some ideas for your next birthday party! Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Happy Crafting and Party Planning :)

    Monday, July 8, 2013

    Paint Palette Cake | DIY Cake

    Yesterday we celebrated my daughter's 7th birthday party will all her little school friends. Her actual birthday is still a few weeks away but because it ends up being in the middle of the summer, many of her friends are going on vacation. Since my daughter Maia loves art, we decided to book her party at an art studio. To match the theme I created a paint palette cake! I was really happy with how it turned out and she loved it!

    The coolest part about the cake was the inside! Here is how you can make your own...

    You will need 2 white cake mix boxes. Follow the directions on the packaging. Once your batter is ready, divide it into as many colors as you want to make by pouring it into smaller bowls. (I made six) Next add gel food color to each bowl, a little at a time until you've reached your desired shade.

    Pour your cake batter into your tins, alternating colors as you like (I used two 10 inch round cake pans.) Bake as per box instructions. Cool and ice your cake, decorate as desired! 

    Here is a photo of the inside of the cake, isn't it so cool!

    Since I like to use fondant to decorate my cakes, I freeze my cake until I am ready to decorate it. This way they are much easier to ice.  

    Thanks for visiting today... I hope I have inspired you to add a little color to your next cake! It sure was fun to make and even better to eat! It will surely be a hit at your party :) Stay tuned for more details on the Paint Party!

    Happy Crafting or in this case Baking :)