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Thursday, October 6, 2016

DIY Customized Foam Core Shelving for Markers

Hi guys,
Today I'm getting organized with you all!

Since discovering the world of stamping and card making I have been looking for ways to neatly organize my markers, but couldn't find anything that really worked for my space. So as a DIY'er, I thought I could come up with something that worked for me. And, I absolutely LOVE the results and had to share it with you all of course.

This shelving/storage unit measures ~ 8 inches high, 16 inches wide and has a depth of 5.5 inches.
Super easy and inexpensive to make!

You could use the same principles I used in creating this one and customize it for your space. Organize your stamp blocks and ink pads, washi tapes, ribbon... the possibilities are endless!

For those of you that want the written instructions for this unit,
(this includes the supplies used and the exact measurements).
Click on the link below!
FREE - Instructional PDF

If you would like to donate, (click the đŸ‘‰DONATE button on the sidebar) I will happily accept any amount you see fit. No pressure at all either :) It will just make my day that someone wants to support my passion.

For those that like visual instructions, I have also created a process video.
To watch it on You Tube click →HERE
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Hope this inspires you to create the perfect organizational storage unit for your crafty space.

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Crafting  :)