Monday, August 6, 2012

Maia's Room Make Over - Sneak Peak - Part 2

As you know we have been working on updating my daughter's room. She wasn't a "baby" anymore, so it was time for a room makeover!

Maia's Room Make Over - Sneak Peak - Part 2

Here is Maia, excited for what was about to happen to her room! Although after the first few hours she kept asking when it was all going to be done, lol!

Maia's Room Make Over - Sneak Peak - Part 2

And here is a  peak of the colors we chose, kinda reminds me of Neapolitan Ice cream, doesn't it?!
It was a lot of work covering up the permanent black marker, but it was actually easier than what I had anticipated. Thanks to the Kilz Clean start primer

Then to do the 3 colors was also challenging. The pink was the first color painted, then the brown. Once they were both dry then we painted the white stripe along the middle.  The funniest part was pulling off the tape, only a few spots needed touching up because of bleeding under the tape. Overall, I was happy with my first ever paint job!

Happy crafting "painting" everyone :)


  1. Looks really great, very creative! We love it! Started following! Would be great if you'd take some time, check out our blog and maybe follow back? Let us know on our blog! xoxo much loveee

  2. Looks good! David would be proud!


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