Tuesday, February 24, 2015

3D Paper Minecraft Creeper Treat Box - FREE FILE

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I have been a bit MIA recently, work and life has been getting in the way of my crafting... how dare that happen, LOL! Anyways today I'm SO excited to share with you my D.I.Y. MINECRAFT Creeper Paper Treat Box/Toy!

Last week I volunteered at my children's school for Option Day. I thought it would be fun to do a few 3D papercrafts with a group of children from grades 4-6. In my group, I had 6 boys and 2 girls. Most of the projects I had planned were quick Easter SVG Cuts projects, but being that there were so many boys I thought it would be fun to have something the boys could relate to, plus many girls love MINECRAFT too! So I made my own Creeper file for them :)

HOW aWeSoMe are THEY!?! So easy and quick to assemble, a great papercraft to create with the kids. I think they would also be perfect for a birthday party activity or treat for guests to take home!

I wished I had taken some pictures of the kid's creations but unfortunately the time flew by so quickly that I really didn't get a chance. Thank goodness I had a really good helper, Amanda who is also a parent and the Librarian at the school, she really saved me that day! Without her, we wouldn't have been able to get through all the projects I had planned!

Below is the link to the FREE File for you all! I really wanted to make it accessible for everyone (not just for those with electronic cutters) so I created it in a few different formats!

Before you download...
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Click on the links below your FREE files!

Minecraft Creeper SVG file
Minecraft Creeper .studio (Silhouette file)
PDF - Cut out by hand

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Happy Crafting  :)


  1. These are fabulous! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. My boys will love these :)

    1. You are so WELCOME Beth! I hope they have some fun making them with mom :)

    2. Hi Ilda! I read your rules but I have a question. How do I follow you? I found this site through another page on Pinterest. Would you like me to follow you on Pinterest? Here? Sorry, not sure! I appreciate you taking the time to download these crafts ! :)

    3. You can follow me where ever you like. Pinterest, here, FB, Instagram :) No pressure!

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