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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

DIY Christmas Greeting Card Keepsake Ornament

So what do you do with all the Christmas Greeting cards you received? 

I can't bring myself to throwing them out, after all I feel like they are little gifts when you open the mail. Especially those that are so personal and have pictures of friends and family on them. 

 So, for today's post I want to share with you how I re-purpose the cards and turn them into keepsake ornaments. Here is 2016's Christmas Keepsake Ornament.

Pictured below are a few other examples of the ornaments I have made from previous years using the same technique. You can make these any shape you want as long as you can fold them in half.

Watch how I create one of these yearly Greeting Card Keepsake Ornaments in my latest YouTube video. I will have a links to all the supplies I used below this blog post and in the video description. 

Click -> HERE to watch in HD

For another unique way of creating a keepsake ornament, click HERE to see how I made my 2012 ornament. I really love how this one turned out, but to be honest it was a little more work and it is why I have been doing them like I am showing you today ;)

Hope you have been inspired today and start creating some of your own Christmas Greeting Card Keepsake Ornaments. Remember you can use this idea and create ornaments to represent any occasion and then hang them as memories of the years on your Christmas tree!

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Happy Crafting  :)

To make supplies easy to find, I have linked them below. If something I used is no longer available I will link to a similar product. Affiliate links may be used depending on the product. Your purchases help keep my blog running, so thanks in advance for the support!