Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Faux Woodblock Halloween Signs | SVGCuts

Are you all ready for Halloween yet? I thought I was, but then I had another idea for a Halloween Decoration. Then, I also remembered I still wanted to make some treat containers for the kids. These ideas in my head are never-ending, lol!

For today's project, the woodblock signs that you see all over Pinterest were my inspiration. I didn't have wood handy but I had lots of paper! 

Here it is...  "Happy HallowEEK!" 
I thought this was the perfect Halloween Phrase (a combo of files from a few SVGCuts Kits).
Like someone had scared you all of a sudden...  maybe a great big spider!

Faux Woodblock Halloween Signs | SVGCuts Files

I have been wanting to do this since SVGCuts released Catacomb Manor SVG Kit. I knew I could turn the tall gift bag into a block. 

When I was planning the design, I also knew I wanted to make it light up with some battery-operated tea lights. The  "happy hallow" design comes from Maple Manor SVG Kit here, "EEK" and web from Catacomb Manor SVG Kit here, and the itsy bitsy spider hanging from some trendy twine comes from Spooky Cuties SVG Collection here.

Faux Woodblock Halloween Signs | SVGCuts Files

To turn the bag into a block, I removed the holes that would have been for the handle. Then I created the top tabs on the box by using the point editing tool. (Making it look just like the bottom of the bag) I also created 2 circle cutouts for where I would be inserting the tea lights. 

You can make your blocks as long or as short as you like, by using the stretch function in the Silhouette Design Studio.

Faux Woodblock Halloween Signs | SVGCuts Files

To create the outline for my glowing letters I made an offset. (Pictured above at the bottom of the screen capture) 

I also wanted some light to shine through the back of the EEK block letters. To do this I just cut the letters out underneath. Pop dots were used to elevate the block letters on the vellum, allowing light to filter through. NOTE: If I did this project again I would have created an offset of the EEK. I would have liked a little more light to glow around the block letters, next time :(

Once I had the word cut out from the panels, I glued vellum to the inside.

Faux Woodblock Halloween Signs | SVGCuts Files

Here is what it looks like in the dark!  EEEEEK! 
Is that not COOL?

Faux Woodblock Halloween Signs | SVGCuts Files

Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you like this idea and maybe even been a little inspired to make your own faux woodblock signs!

 I think I might be making so many more of these for other holidays, oh the possibilities!

Happy Crafting :)


  1. Fab project! Really looks cool lit up. Thanks for sharing with us at Cardz TV.

  2. FABULOUS!!! What a cool idea!

    Thanks for sharing with us a Craftin Desert Divas!

  3. Stopping by to let you know I featured you today in my Spooktacular Linky Features! Have a great weekend!

  4. This is amazing-I love it!
    Sherrie K

  5. I absolutely LOVE LOVE this!!! What a super cute and creative idea. :)
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