Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DIY Trooper Trash Cans for Star Wars Birthday Party

While I was at the dollar store I came across some trash cans that I thought I could make look like storm trooper heads.

Here is what I did...

I used these two plastic trash containers, black duct tape, blue electrical tape, scissors, (foil tape and parchment paper not pictured here).

I tried cutting the shapes I needed for the face of the troopers but the tape kept sticking to the scissors, so I had a light bulb moment... parchment paper! Nothing sticks to that stuff! So that is what I used. I drew out my shapes and then just cut them out.

I used my punch to cut out again perfect circles.

I then took a dry erase black marker and just drew the shadowing under the eyes.

They make perfect containers for the light sabres. Aren't they just so cool, my son was so excited when he saw what I was working on! 

Click here on how I made the light sabres.

Alright enough blogging, have to get more Star Wars stuff done!

Ilda :)

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