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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ninjago Birthday Cake

Good Morning everyone! I have pre-scheduled this post because I'm sure I'm going to need to recover from the night's festivities!

Today I am sharing with you the cake I made for my son's 9th Ninjago themed Birthday Party!
What do you think? I love how he turned out!!! Actually, wasn't very hard to make either.

Ninjago Birthday Cake

Here's a quick pictorial on how I made "KAI's" head.

Ninjago Birthday Cake

  1. I baked, sliced and filled with icing, the centers of two 5 inch cakes. Separating the layers with a cake board.
  2. Next, I dirty iced the entire head.
  3. Rolled out my fondant pieces. For the eyebrow, I drew and cut out a shape on a piece paper first and laid it on the fondant then cut it out with the tip of a sharp knife.
  4. I placed my pieces on top of the rolled fondant I used as the face. I "glued" the pieces with a little water using a small paintbrush.
  5. Then I placed the face on the head. At this point, I placed the head on the bottom layer of the cake that I had already covered with black fondant.
  6. Finally, I wrapped the rest of the head with Kai's Ninja mask.

The top part of the cake is chocolate flavored and the bottom 10 inch layer is made out of a yellow cake. The entire cake is covered with a vanilla buttercream icing and finished with fondant.

Hope you have enjoyed this Ninjago Birthday Party Series of posts, I hopefully will have some pictures of the party to share with you all soon!

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Have a great Sunday and thanks for coming by,
Happy Crafting :)