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Friday, October 5, 2012

Cute Spooky DIY Halloween Earrings | SVGCuts

YAY!!! It's TGIF!!! Are you old enough to remember that, lol!

Hey everyone! Not sure about you guys but I have had a crazy busy week... So looking forward to this weekend! Not like it will be any less busy, haha!

Anyways, so excited to share with you my latest craft! I got the idea as soon as I saw one of SVGCuts' latest collections... Check it out the SPOOKY CUTIES here!

I thought I would try my hand at making some bling for my daughter! She loves dangly earrings... So that's what I made!  I love how she walks around the house shaking her head! Too cute! I'm going to surprise her with them this weekend!

Just thought of it now as I was typing... I could have made a matching pendant for a necklace as well. Oh well, next time!

So here they are...

Cute Spooky DIY Halloween Earrings | SVGCuts

Aren't they the cutest earrings EVER!

Cute Spooky DIY Halloween Earrings | SVGCuts

Don't mind the glue gobs around the eyes! I was so excited to take pictures I couldn't even wait for the glue to dry, LOL!

Cute Spooky DIY Halloween Earrings | SVGCuts

And this is me holding them up to show you some scale... I really shrunk the files down in size!

So here is what I did... 
  • cut out 3 of the same image and glued them to each other to create some thickness and make the earnings sturdier. ( Notice I added a tiny hole to the top of the cut out so that I could hook on the earring piece later.)
  • I then used some glitter glue on the top of each earring. (This added some sparkle and protection to the paper)
  • Then once the glitter glue was dry, I sealed the whole piece with clear nail polish. Yes, you heard me right! Nail Polish! It worked beautifully and I didn't have to go out and buy a sealant. I guess I could have used Modge Podge, but this was way easier and gave it great shine... and completely dry in 60 seconds, lol! (I used a pin and poked it through the hole to make it easier while I painted it!)

Cute Spooky DIY Halloween Earrings | SVGCuts

  • Once everything was dry I glued on my googly eyes (picture above, no googly eyes... not cute enough, back to the cute factory he went!)
  • Then I attached each of my "Spooky Cuties" to the fish hook earring pieces simply by opening up the bottom hoop with needle nose pliers and hooking on the "Cutie," then just tightening it up again. For the longer ones I just added some chain.
I hope you like this little project and maybe be inspired to create some bling of your own!
Have a "Spooktacular" weekend!