Saturday, December 1, 2012

Angry Bird Cake

Today is mom's best friends birthday. Aida, who also happens to be my God Mother and is truly a very special lady! She helped raise us and I love her very much. I wish her a very special 60th Birthday today!

A few weeks ago her daughter told me she was secretly addicted to the Angry Bird Game... So she asked if I would make her an Angry Bird Themed Cake. Ooops, I guess she has now been outed, hope she's not ANGRY! Hehehehe, Oink, snort!

So here it is... I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!!!

Here are more pictures of the cake from different angles :)

For those of you that are curious how I made it, here are a few pictures I took of the cake along the way. I'll just briefly explain them.
  • First thing I started with was modelling chocolate. Click here for the recipe. Once the chocolate was ready I rolled out some different sized balls. At this point I also made my wood logs. (Leave all your pieces to air dry overnight)
  • Once the chocolate had hardened, I covered the balls with different colours of fondant. (I didn't by all these different colours, I just started with a white fondant and mixed it with icing colours until I achieved the colour I wanted)   
  • Then all that is left are the details on the birds. (I referred to a picture I had printed to that I could look at) 
  • Bake, ice and cover your cake with a crumb coat.
  • Cover the cake with the fondant and have fun assembling!
That's pretty much it! These kinds of cakes can be time consuming. This one took me about 6 hours to make, but it's so worth the end result! Hope she is going to like it!

Hope you like my take on the Angry Birds Cake!
Have a great weekend :)
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