Friday, February 10, 2017

DIY Credit/Loyalty Card Duct Tape Wallet v3

Hello my Crafty Friends!!!

I have a fun and very useful DIY project to share with you!
This post is a revision from one of my very first blog posts. 
Today I will be sharing with you version #3 of my DIY Credit/Loyalty Card Duct Tape Wallet.

Look familiar, well if you have been a follower since the beginning I'm sure you will recognize it. Still to this day, the original blog post - DIY "credit card" wallet is one of my most visited.

Here was version #1
(sold these on Etsy, and sorry I no longer have an active account)

Here was version #2
(this is the one that finally fell apart after 4 years of love)

Here is todays version #3
The purpose of this little guy is to hold all those loyalty/credit or business cards that normally end up taking room in your, probably overcrowded regular everyday wallet.
Here is what is looks like all closed up.

Since the last one I made for myself was falling apart, it was time I made a new one. So today I will share that how to video here with you all.
(Size and details included in the video)
Click -> HERE to watch in HD

Hope you enjoyed version 3 of my DIY Credit/Loyalty Card Duct Tape Wallet.
With all the fun Duct tape designs out there, you can make your own version of this wallet totally stand out. I promise everyone will want to know where you got it! Or make them as gifts for your friends, they will love them :)

 If you do make one I would love to see it! Share it with me on my Facebook Page.

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Crafting  :)

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