Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pictures of Peru

Hi Everyone!

I finally had a chance to put together some pictures of our trip to Peru to share with you all! Not my usual kind of crafty post, but I think photography is an art and I love to practice it when I can. I tried to capture our experience, the people, the culture and of course the breathtaking views. Here are some of my favorite shots. 

The worried man. Sitting outside a church... wonder what's on his mind? 

This poor man was passed on the steps - One too many Pisco Sours!

Peruvians have their bases covered... Roof top offerings both Gods! 

This beautiful lady showed us how they weave and make their very colorful lama and alpaca yarn.

Rescued Ox! Jose our driver stopped the van to untangle this Ox from the fence.

One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and stayed during our trip. Arawana Sacred Valley Hotel.

Another one of my favorite pictures... when I took this picture I never noticed the man sitting in the bush!

Prickly pears... so delicious, had no idea they grew on a cactus!

Beautiful Bloom!

The three Caballeros...
put on a traditional horse show and dance for us!

Peruvian Moma and her baby at the local market! Aren't they gorgeous!?! Love the colors!

Can you tell we are a bit excited! That... or we chewed a few to many coca leaves, lol! 
Thank you to our friends Luis and Isabel for the fun times and wonderful memories!

One more check mark on our Bucket List!

Machu Picchu the highlight of our trip! Literally breathtaking!!!

Hope you enjoyed my very condensed version of our trip... 1500 pics thought might be a bit too much for you all... If you really want to see more I recommend you go visit this majestic place!

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