Tuesday, March 26, 2013

DIY Paper Luminaire Sleeves

Hi Guys!!! We are finally back from our amazing trip to Peru! Actually got back on Sunday but been crazy busy trying to get things back in order and come back to reality! Hopefully will be able to get some pics of our trip up soon :)

For today I want to share with you a really easy project. A few weeks ago I saw some Deewa Candles by Karve Design. Basically they are candles that have been accented by thin, hand-carved plywood. I thought they were so cool looking that I thought I could replicate them using recycled jars and paper. Initially I thought of using candles but quickly changed my mind once I actually gave it a little thought and realized what a fire hazard that would be! Had a brain fart there for a second :(

Click here to see where I got this inspiration! 

Here is what my empty jars started off like...

I then created a rectangle with evenly spaced cut lines across it leaving about 1 inch space on each end. I made the rectangle to measure the height of each jar. This was done in the Silhouette Studio DE and cut on the Cameo. Although I did use a electronic cutter for this it could easily be done by hand with a ruler, a blade and some patience!

 Here is what the jars look like once they are fitted with the paper sleeves. 

Here they are all lit up.... So pretty in the dark. They would make such a cute, inexpensive centre piece for a party or lighting for a romantic dinner! Wink, wink!

Pretty simple right? You could also use a wave pattern or maybe even a chevron... so many possibilities! Hope you've enjoyed this little idea and maybe even get a chance to make it.  Beautify your space or wow your guests at your next night time event!

Thanks again for coming by!
Happy Crafting :)

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