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Hope you all are enjoying the first day of 2013! Can't believe how fast 2012 went for me... what a ride!

Today I want to share with you something I had been wanting to make for a very long time. Probably ever since I first heard the phrase "Keep Calm and Craft on". So a few weeks ago when all the Christmas chaos was happening,  I decided to make a peg board painting for my craft room! 

I had been working on a baby announcement painting at the time and since all my supplies were out I thought I would kill two birds with the same paint brush, lol! I was so busy though I completely forgot to photograph the baby announcement painting to show you  :'( 

Here it is! Isn't it awesome!!! I love how it turned out and how it keeps my stuff pretty and organized all in plain site for easy access! I think it's one of my best ideas yet! 

 To make my peg board painting I first painted the canvas. Click here for a tutorial of how I make my word art paintings. If you want to see how I made to stamp line just above the painting, click here.

Once the painting was dry, I hammered in 2 inch nails all around the frame of the canvas. Yes, of course damaging the painting... I had mixed feelings at this point cause I really liked how the painting turned out... but got over it pretty quick once I saw how functional it became!

Here it is all nailed up before my supplies were all hung.

Hope you liked this tutorial/idea... maybe it will inspire you to create one for your craft room! I hope this painting will keep me calm in 2013 while I continue to craft on!

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Happy Crafting :)

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