Monday, January 7, 2013

DIY Button Rack

I bet many of you have the same old expired spice rack somewhere in your pantry! I know I did for years.... I used maybe 3 or 4 of the spices on it and the rest... yuck... expired! All it did was take up room and collected grease and dust! I think I'm a pretty good cook but some of these spices I hadn't even heard of! So just before I was about to get rid of it I though why not  re purpose it! It makes the perfect place for all my buttons... So out with the spices and in with the buttons!

After a good cleaning I sorted all the buttons I had by colour.  Before my buttons were in little baggies and out of site, now I can see all the pretty colours! I also peeled off all the greasy spice labels and glued on the top of the bottles a black circle that I cut out with a punch. I haven't decided whether or not yet to glue a coordinating button on the outside yet... we shall see :)

Hope you like the spice rack make over... what is your spice rack doing? This would also be a great idea for all those little crafty/office supplies, or maybe even for hubby's garage nails... Ok, only if your feeling really generous, lol!

Happy Crafting everyone, 
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