Saturday, November 3, 2012

Quick Chocolate Cup Cakes!

Hey everyone! Hope you are enjoying your weekend :) For the first time in a long time on a Saturday I was home all day... Wow! Usually I'm running around with the kids, grocery shopping or at some event. Well, I can say I've enjoyed being at home today... My daughter and I got to paint our nails, read a few books and even did some baking together! While the boys did garage stuff and played video games!

Here is how our chocolate cup cakes turned out! Yummy can't wait to try them tonight for desert!

Here is how I made them. I kind of cheated with the cake mix! I used a Duncan Hines cake box, I love this mix. The cake always turns out moist!

Once my batter was all mixed up, I poured it all into an extra large Ziploc bag. I placed the bag  in a bowl to hold the bag in place while I scrapped out the bowl. 

Next, I closed up the Ziploc bag and pinched one of the bottom corners. With some kitchen scissors I then snipped the corner off (don't cut it too big, or you might end up with a big mess). Start pouring into the wrappers.

Like the directions on the box indicate, only fill up to 2/3 of the way up the cup cake wrapper.

Around 20 minutes later your cupcakes will look like this. Perfect time to get your frosting done! Here is the recipe I used for mine. Tip: To make more icing, simply keep whipping you mixture. It usually will double what your recipe yields! I usually let the mixer go until my cupcakes are completely cool, around 10-15 minutes!

Once my frosting is done, I scoop it all into a size 16 pastry bag with a star tip already attached. To help me do that I place the pastry bag in a large cylinder vase I have, and roll back the edges.

Then I flip up the edge of the pastry bag and twist the top closed, and keep it pinched with my hand while I squeeze and frost the cupcakes! 

And here they are once again! YUMMO!

Half of them I packed up to take to work with me on Monday! It's been a while since I treated my colleagues with some baking! I don't know any nurses who can resist a cupcake, lol! These will go straight into my deep freezer. That will keep them fresh until then!

Here are the little cupcake wrappers I found at the Dollar store! What a deal, and they come with the little toppers! I couldn't even make them for that price ;)

Thanks for stopping by! 
Have a great weekend! Live a little, eat some chocolate! :)

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