Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Witch Boots Treat Boxes

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

This year for treats I thought I would make this witches boot. I had bought this file on the Silhouette Online Store and had cut all the pieces for it, but life as usual got busy and only tonight did I get to finish them up. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, lol! I slightly enlarged the file, but now I kind of wished I had enlarged it some more, as they are kind of tricky to put together when they are this small!

Aren't they soooo cool?!  They actually can fit quite a bit of goodies. I also like that they can fit a full size chocolate bar... and even extra candy in the front part of the boot :)

Here is a closer look! BOO! Did I scare you? Maybe those eyeball chocolates did, kinda creepy aren't they?!

Just put it in a treat baggy, wrap it up and it's all ready for a very special little goblin!

Hope you like my "Boots!" Have a fun Halloween!
Happy Haunting & be safe!

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