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Monday, February 20, 2012

Heart Shaped Favor Boxes

Hello and hope everybody had a great weekend. Here in Edmonton, we celebrated Family Day long weekend! A fun time to do things with family, and even get some crafting done :)

Last week I was asked to help the make treat boxes for the upcoming Scrapbook Tea Party at my children's school for all the Kindergarten students.  My daughter is in Kindergarten this year and is so looking forward to that afternoon. She can't wait to show us her scrapbook filled with all her artwork and projects... I think she got my creative gene :)

The file I used came from "Loves little surprises" theme set from (Sorry this file no longer exists for download :( )

I cut them out, scored the lines with my Martha Stewart scoring board, and glued down the corner of the box. Here's is what they started off like...

Heart Shaped Favor Boxes by

Time to fill them up... I'll let the Scrapbook Committee deal with that ;)

Heart Shaped Favor Boxes by

And here is what they will look like once they are closed up. Done in white, I think this would make an awesome treat box for someone's wedding!

Heart Shaped Favor Boxes by

I'm sure the Kindergartners are going to love this little surprise...Hope you've enjoyed this as well!

Ilda :)

UPDATE: Looks like the link I posted above to the Scrapping is no longer working and is under redevelopment. I'm sorry for any inconvenience!

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