Monday, February 18, 2013

DIY Desk Organizer

I love quick and easy projects! For today's post I want to share the with you all the coolest stationary desktop organizer!

 Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, isn't it WILD! Love leopard print don't you?!!!

I was so excited when I found this printed duct tape at the Dollar Store. I couldn't believe it! I picked up the last leopard print roll!

Duct tape
Empty tin cans
Hot Glue Gun 
Velcro dots

This project is so easy I really don't think it needs much explanation. I used two strips of duct tape on each can, aligning the edge of the the tape to the top and the bottom edges on the can. This left a gap right in the centre on the can. Perfect and the exact size I needed for the ribbon I used. I finished each can by hot gluing ribbon to the tops and bottoms of the cans. Once all the cans were finished I secured them all together with another ribbon.

For the top tuna can I did the same, but then used some Velcro dots to secure to the top centre of the of the other cans.

Hope this inspires you to create and organize your own desk using some recycled cans and cool print duct tape!

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