Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumn Birthday Card

Hey everyone!

It was my Mother In Law Gabriela's birthday yesterday so I thought I would attempt making her a card... Honestly, I find making cards more challenging than anything 3D! They just look so simple once they are done, but they are NOT!....maybe it's just me... or, maybe I just need more practice, lol!

I love the Autumn colors so I wanted to make something with them. For this card I used basic card stock, a little ink and did a bit of embossing to add some texture and interest! The files I used to create this card come from here, and the sunflower comes from here.

Since I got my idea from this sketch I will be sharing it over on Mojo Monday's Sketch Challenge! I actually got my inspiration from Michelle from Michelle My Belle's Creations. I've be a following her since I started blogging... she was actually one of my first followers and nominated me for my first blog award! Thanks again Michelle! Anyways, Michelle creates beautiful files for Mojo Monday's Sketch Challenge. Check out their blogs for tones of inspiration! So now that I've made a card I can finally enter, yeah me!!!
Thanks for stopping by! 
Happy Crafting :) 

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