Thursday, May 17, 2012

DIY Stamp line

A few days ago I was making a card and realized that my little stamp collection had grown. (Thanks to Micheals, dollar bin section!) I was getting to the point where I was forgetting what I had. Previously I was just storing my wood stamps along with my clear stamps in a card board box, but that was getting way to messy for me! So I thought I would do something about that. Here is what I did...

Above my crafting area I have a decorative IKEA shelf I hung up a while ago. Instead of being decorative, I needed it to become more practical. Here is how I did it...

I used 22 g wire that I had laying around in my drawer, but the thicker the gauge the better.

I then strung some metal paper clips through the wire, only hooking up one of it's arms.

Took the wire and wrapped it tightly around the shelf using some pliers.

Bent the wire end up, so that I could easily access it if I need to add more clips.

And there you have an organized stamp line... now I can actually see what I have with just a glance. I love how it turned out!

Happy organizing everyone!

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